diabetes by eating more potatoes during pregnancy

American researchers say eating during potatoes or chips in pregnancy during pregnancy in women can increase the risk of diabetes.

They say that excessive amounts of potatoes can increase the level of sugar in the blood.

More than 21,000 pregnant women have been tested in this study, published in the British Medical Journal (BMG).

But British experts say there is a lack of evidence and many people need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fiber-fed foods.

BMG's research has linked the risk of depression to more potatoes.

Authorities in UK UK say that potatoes like people should eat one-third of their diet.

There is no official limit in this regard that how much people should eat carbohydrate food during a week. The foods contain carbohydrate, have an effect on the blood deposits.

Some hypoglycemic index (GI) foods quickly add sugar to blood. While in other low-fat foods, this process is slowly.

During pregnancy, the needs of the body increase and some women develop depression during this time.
Contraceptive depression usually ends out after the birth of a baby, but it can lead to long-term risks for the health of the mother and mother.

In this study, the cases of nurses pregnant during 1991 to 2001 have been investigated. None of them had any serious illness before getting pregnant.

In every four years, women were informed about the use of potatoes in their food and cases of pregnancy depression were also recorded.
During the last ten years, 21,693 pregnancy cases were seen, and 854 of them were victims of pregnancy during pregnancy. Other risks were also discussed in this research, such as: • Family history of age • Depression • Total food • Physical activity • Obesity

It has come to know that the nurses who had eaten 100 grams of boiled potatoes, potatoes, cooked dry potatoes or chips during the week, increased 27 percent in the risk of depression during pregnancy. .

The danger increased by 50% of people who used potatoes or chips more than five times a week.

Researchers say eating less GI can help control depression.

Colin Zhang, from Maryland's National Institute of Health in America, says that the results are very important.

They say that during pregnancy depression, women may have pre-academia, cure and depression and high blood pressure.

'This can cause severe damage to the mother in the mother's womb, and its long-term effects can also increase the risk of mother-typing depression in mother.'

But British experts have emphasized that its solid evidence is not found that women should be warned about eating more potatoes.
Dr Emily Burns, a depressant of the United Kingdom, says, "This study did not prove that eating potatoes before pregnancy increases the risk of depression in women. But there is a potential connection between them. "

'We know that women can reduce the risk of pregnancy during their control over weight, eating balanced food, and gender-dynamics.'

Dr Louise Levi, head of the nutrition science at the UK's public health institute, says it is not possible to showcase its reasons and effects through the research to recognize authors.

'The evidence tells us that we need to eat full of carbohydrates, such as potato, double bread, pasta and rice. Also, there is also a need for fruit and vegetables to be used for fiber growth and intestinal care. "

Our advice is still the same: Primary diet in the types of carbohydrates nutrients, which have lightweight potatoes and should choose different types of whole grains where possible.
 sleeping  necessary for mental and physical health?

You may have heard of many people who are clearly thought about their low sleep habits, but the shortage of sleep can affect our mind and body.

Even knowing about sleeping gold, you will begin to suspect their decisions and intentions.

Professor Matthew Walker University of California is a professor of psychology and knowledge alias in Berkeley.

They are also the author of the book 'Why We Sleep'. This book is potentially able to change your life.

People think that they are very busy and try to do a lot of time in a while. According to those evidence that such people do not fulfill sleep.
We can not ignore our physical needs for a long time. Sleeping is a basic requirement. If it is not considered, the result can lead to physical disorders and diseases.

This article of Professor Matthew Walker is about sleep and healthier lifestyle.

Why sleep
The study of millions of patients has a direct link between sleep and age. The least the age the sleep will be less.

So if you want to be more healthy and healthy, you can do whatever you want to sleep.

Sleeping is a prescription of self-prescription, which does not cost anything, nor is it a bitter medicine that stirred humans to drink.

Indeed, there are so many benefits of sleep that Professor Walker has begun to convince doctors to suggest sleep as a cure as their patients.

There are numerous benefits of sleep. There is no part of mind and body which is not affected by less sleep, but sleep should be natural because sleeping pills can cause other diseases.
Impact of low dream mind and body
Almost all diseases caused by death in developed countries are related to some shortage of sleep.

These include Alzheimer's or Alcoholism, Cancer, Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Diabetes, Anxiety and Troubleshooting.

Sleep is essential for all physical and mental functions to be performed correctly.

Because repair of our body and brain is repaired during sleep and we are awakened by freshness. But the repair is incomplete if the sleep is not complete.

After 50 years of scientific research, sleep experts say that the question is not 'what is the benefit of sleep', but it is 'is there any such thing that does not benefit from sleep'?

So far nothing has come up for which sleep is not found useful.
How long is it gold?
Short answer is seven to nine hours.

Sleep less than seven hours affects body and immune system against physical and mental performance and diseases.

The effect of living continuously for 20 hours is similar to human being, such as taking more than a legal limit for any drug addiction.

8 hours a day sleep must

A problem of sleep deficiency is that you do not immediately know the bad effects.

This is exactly as if a person in a drunk person understands himself completely. But you know he is not well.
Why do not you sleep deeply?
In the last 100 years, developed countries have seen a clear decline in sleep.

Now people do not get too much sleep because of which they can not even dream. Even though dreaming is essential for our creative ability and mental health.

(Deep sleep is called 'REM Slip' or Rapid Eye Motion Slip in the medical term. - The sleep in which the eyes will move and move well.)

In other words, deep sleep or REM provide us with initial aid at emotional level, but there are several reasons for sleeping sleep.

Significance inequality
Although scientists feel the importance of sleep, they have not yet tried to inform the public about it.

Most people do not have the importance of its importance, so they do not think much about it.

Speed ​​of life
Usually we do more work and then it's just time to travel. We get out early in the morning and come home late in the evening.

Then we also want to spend time with family and friends. Watch TV for a while too. All of these results in sleep loss.
Fantasy and behavior about sleep
One of the major issues is our idea of ​​sleep. If you tell someone that a nine-hour sleep is necessary then he will be a stranger to you.

Because of the general people, so many people sleep so late. The habit of sleeping more has become so bad that people tell Fakhria how much they sleep.

Compared to that when a child sleeps more then it is considered good. Because more sleeping in children is considered to be necessary.

But with age increases our attitude towards sleep seems to change. But more gold is crowned.
Is there a problem of damage?

Yes and no: The time spent is not coming back but good change can be taken at any time. It's wrong to think that you lost the lost sleep later.

Therefore, less than a week gold and holiday can never be able to save sleep over the golden sleep.

It is important to make changes in daily routines and give full time to sleep. Its benefit will be quick. He has evidence.
For example, a group of studies (which was more severe due to sleeping disorders and a discomfort of breathing), showed that complaints of people who did not fulfill their sleep would continue to maintain their complaints. But those who changed their habits began to sleep deep sleep, they benefited from it.
Can sleep be stored?
I wish this could happen!

This happens in the case of fat fat. When good and more food is available, it is stored in our body and energy reduces the fat in the case of food shortage.

But it is not possible for sleep because this problem is of modern age. It was not available in human evolution. That is why neither can sleepiness nor the prepayment be paid.
Good Sleeping Tips
1. Get up at once at once

2. Adjust yourself to the dark, laminate the light one hour before the bed in the bed and close the screens

3. Keep temperatures up to 18 degrees Celsius, which is Idel

4. If you do not sleep, do not take more than twenty minutes to bed

5, Caffeine is a simulator stimulant, cut it half of the time half of the bed before bed

6. Wine does not improve your comfort and it blocks your REM or deep sleep

Best Exercise and Food for Obesity and Fitness

 In order to reduce the weight, especially in the diet, the complicated carbonate is 60 to 65%, which comes from unhealthy loaves' healthy grain 'almond rice, peel potatoes' trashes' sticks' pulses and fruits. The more fat and fatigue feeding is less fat body fat is a significant wound, which strengthens' speed and stability. The fatigue starts to swell, the chronic exercise car is slow and tired of skin. Muscle weight is useful and fat weight is wasted.
Thin strengths and fat should be lowered, and fat is a waste burden that rugged luggage is a trouble like traveling, with two to three bags. Body fat is present for three days and three nights continuously to fat, although the person gets tired before it. There is a lot of physical fat, which protects 'stress' gravity. It is also the energy stored for exercise cars (energy is not stored in a large number of people), fat needs organs 'nerves' are in mood and cells.
Men in fat are 3% 'women need 8 to 12 percent. Ideal fat men 4 to 10 percent '13 to 18% of women in women' acceptable fat men are 13 to 18 percent and eighteen in women. Women need sperm fatty hormones and menstrual needs. If the fat is too low, menstruation may become irrelevant, which may be regular to restore fat levels. Measures of fat can only be measured by measuring skin pressure for 'underwater and then on the body', with resistance to electromagnetic resistance (fat is more resistant), and under hazard rays.
Great equipment and trained measurements are necessary. Food to reduce weight Uses an exercise work usually requires 3,000 strings. In the age of reducing weight, two thousand measures are necessary. It should be reduced to one pound weighing five times a day (forty five pounds in week). One pound of fatty fat contains thirty-five wounds. Weight should not be too fast to reduce the weight of muscle and water like 'fatigue' and there is a problem with the training process. In a stormy manner, lowering food may also reduce obesity and sweat abuse.
Weight loss and growth is also implicit. It should be kept It is necessary to take weight (at least three weeks) before reducing weight loss, which is not taking part in training exercise or competition, reduce your diet so that the weight remains correct. In order to reduce the weight, especially in the diet, the complicated carbonate is 60 to 65%, which comes from unhealthy loaves' healthy grain 'almond rice, peel potatoes' trashes' sticks' pulses and fruits.
More fatty nutrients and more emotional diets are reduced to these fatigue and nutrition. Milk low greasy 'Cheese Household' Meat Preheated 'is chicken and avoid diet and eggs. Butter 'Desi Ghee' can be abandoned and the use of oil is reduced. Fried items 'cake' chocolate 'pastry' sweets are only eaten to change the taste of mouth. Occasionally it is a psychiatric benefit during the time of divorce. To reduce weight, applying urine and fatigue is dangerous.
 It can reduce the heart by reducing potassium and water of the body. The use of thyroid is not used (more food is consumed in the cold season. More wastages are spent in lightweight wear) Weight loss is also important, with exercise of food, which makes food component body and improves fatigue. . There are 35 to 40 minutes fast trips or other similar exercises that use legs, such as cycling, are practically useful everyday. Razi Rahman used to participate in comparison with bodybuilding. He reduced the weight of fifty five hundred and thirty-five minutes daily to reduce weight. Three kilograms of weight decreased in four weeks.
Jamila was worried about her motivation. The thighs' wanted to cut the fat on the hips. Diet reduction 'exercise' Yoga exercises' did not reduce the weight of cycle cycle, due to the chocolate and biscuits in the middle of the meal. He reduced weight by dieting. How to Increase Weight Sometimes there is also an increase in weight, for which 300-300 acres should be added daily. Carbohydrates bread bread 'rice' potato 'grains' fruit is appropriate.
Weight increases early in the beginning, but it gradually increases (one pounds a week). Increased weight (seven pounds per month) is due to fat. Muscle dependence is on the basis of 'corrosion of body' and internal physical balance. Compared with balanced diet and resistant exercises, the muscles are tight and the weight increases, the weight of the tall people increases rapidly.
Hospitals and Minerals Do They Need Extra Tips? One of the perfectly diverse balanced diet foods lacks these nutritional addictions, 'they do not need extra tubes' and they increase performance. During the illness and later, by reducing the journey or weight (lack of food) can reduce the amount of alphabets and minerals, which should be used to remove salads and fruits in order to remove food that is full of biotechnology and minerals. These are less narrower 'do not increase weight. He feels stomach. Natural nutrients contain absorbent ingredients and contain ingredients that are not in these tanks.
Best Remedies for Unique Beauty

Who is there in the world who will not want to see  beautiful look. Especially for women, this is the desired choice, but there is a difference between heaven and beauty and beauty is beautiful. For this, we spend thousands of rupees to make our hands and hands beautiful, and cosmetics equipment companies are making millions of dollars a month, and new mask like 'cream' 'mouse wash' soap and lotion are present. .
Despite such huge expenses on make-up, there are some barriers that make sense of sight. For example, take the obesity as much as you can, but if you are fat and increase your stomach, all the efforts to become your senses and senses are inauspicious. In spite of all the beauty you often have to be contradictory in different ways. Being more fat is affected by the face of the body, which has a self-sufficient obligation within you. If you have high weight, you will feel more burdensome in heart, due to which blood pressure patients may suffer from heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, the first step for your health and appearance is to reduce and reduce the weight, and it is not too stressful to become too thin. By the way I mean proportional body and proper weight. There are effective measures for reducing weight that weight loss but health and physical strength remain intact. We introduce you to some foods to avoid obesity and maintain health.
Magnet and these fat foods: Not only these fat foods contain vitamins and minerals, but they have a lot of benefits compared to the diet. The citrus food reduces about 10 percent calorie from less fiber food. Tips to use these cold foods are not specifically given to reduce obesity, but during reducing obesity, they look happy and healthy and the right way to eradicate hunger is' in the nutrients. Fresh fruit and vegetable use are also included. These ingredients are good and more, but calories are very low. Use of intake diet should not be temporary, with their use, weight loss will also be healthy according to your desire and your face and beauty will remain maintained.
Minimize the use of liquids and drinks in your diet because they increase the weight of them 'use only two cups of tea or coffee, but it will be better to abandon you completely. Green tea orneriness are not perfect but do not use sweet in it 'sweet foods will be very beneficial to be especially especially because it contains ingredients and urine extrusion components. Add the 'Justine' golden 'white zerah' olive to the food. Lime juice also provides urine emissions. Use lunch vegetables and fruits in lunch. Cook all the food very carefully and keep the maximum nutrition. Either either eaten raw vegetables or lighten the boil or take it by steam. In this way foods will not increase calorie. Eat meat. Take the water while taking the water and other nutrients, as it is harmful for obesity, avoid eating excessive effect on your diet rather than try any of the following.
* Mix a little honey and mustard mixtures * Powder milk powder and a spoon of apple and lime juice (add some hot spices) * half cup tomato juice containing half lime juice and crushed onion A spoon of Please! Unfortunately, no easy and uncomfortable way to lose weight has also been discovered. It is important for you to try to keep your body healthy and healthy. It needs to be intelligent.
The apple vinegar contains very mineral ingredients and it maintains and maintains the body's life. After each meal, after a meal, mix a spoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water.
Caliper is the name of the marine herbs. It is counted in very useful mineral nutrients. This is especially found in audiences. It is especially important in glands. It stays in the diet and digest food quickly. Women should use this because the female is less than men in women.
 More foods that are helpful to help you stress.
Stroke Detection:
 This is one of the most important things in the disadvantaged food. It eliminates the occupation and fat people often suffer from occupation. Its common diet is two spoonfuls of daily food. Before eating a meal, a tea spoon of gray powder mixed with water and reduces hunger. So you will not be more lonely, good type of hungry grains' sweet foods' drinks' can also be eaten in different dishes or snacks.
Wheat of wheat: Like Chakkar, it also contains nutritious nutrition. It contains vitamin AP and 28% protein and it also contains mineral properties. This cereal may be mixed in various nutrients. Frying in the sand can be used by cooking and cooking in milk and using it as a breadth of bread.
Reduce 5 kg Weight in a month with Yoga

Life is beautiful and charming and you can make your beauty more beautiful and make it more beautiful, but for this you always have to be careful about your health and beauty, especially to keep your nutritional habits according to your physical activity.

It is common that today's world changes the habits of food and the main reason for the obesity of obesity. Junk food consists of most of the items that invoke uncomfortable obesity, but increase the risk of joint hypertension 'high blood pressure', 'cause cholesterol increase as well as factors such as feeling arteries. .
Burger Corner, not only food centers, food centers, which look at every small area, play a major role in not only hungry but also lead many diseases.
If there is no definite obesity obesity then it is not a disease. It is also called chronic disease, because a person eating a barley luster does not suffer from obesity. Always eat chicken 'lack of physical activity and its major reasons for survival. If not focused on this issue, the parents of the girls are upset and take the last solution as a solution to the slamming centers so that their children do not face problems in the future and people do not joke? If considered, obesity produces equal problems for women and men, but physical mobility increases in men and they are more successful in burning their wounds. Moreover, the speed of fat in men is usually reduced, and most importantly, chubby boys do not have to face more problems for relationship and more problems are needed to get girls. This is probably the reason why a number of women get admired in the slamming centers and want to lose weight over a short time.
Complaint of women complaining:
Diving women often complain that dieting is implanted, 'color salola gets' fatigue and cheaper prevents' to avoid eating things, food nutrients make food plans so that people do not prefer salaaming centers and food Reduce your weight with the help of the plan. Usually, if the food plan is not seen, the essential vitamins' minerals and moments are not reduced in the diet plan, which is why we do not feel tired and provide full "high protein diet". This diet contains commonly protein 'commonly called' dairy 'chicken meat, boiled eggs' almonds and cottage items, and it can help reduce weight in a few months. .
Five kg weight loss with Yoga:
 Talking to a housewife center, I was amazed that she was not only worried about obesity, but had been deposited in a slumming center for a large amount of money. This decision was done when the people coming for the relationship just refused to relate that "the shape of the girl is beautiful, but physically too thick." So now she is not only aerobics but yoga With the help of five kilograms, we have been able to lose weight and hope it will reduce the weight of work harder and Idle will return to physical condition.
Many such examples are available around us. The requirement is that we first pledge that we want to reduce our growing weight and try more in our home life as much as possible to prioritize simple diet because it is not a bad thing to eat good food. Add food to your body, add 'Vegetables' to your diet and add minerals to your body. Prefer fresh food and avoid eating or eating junk food. Try to make your usual routine in the morning and make your home tasks more and more so that you will not only be busy but physically fit it. This problem can be resolved quite a bit of work and attention. Perhaps you have heard that there are two types of people in the world, one who lives for food, and in the other way those who eat for living.
If you are counted among those who are living only for food and drink, there is a lot of chances of such people's lives will be free from any high-level goals or goals, as well as many types of problems in your way. But if seen, other types of people spend more active 'active and successful lives', a viewer says, "When I see any person eating a lot, then prevail over the effects of my life. It is likely to happen and I believe this person does not think of a stomach with a stomach. "
Life is beautiful and charming, and you can make it more beautiful by maintaining your charm and beauty, but for this you always have to be careful about your health and beauty, especially to keep your nutritional habits according to your physical activity. The best results can be achieved in case.
Cheap and Easy way to Reduce Stomach Fat

 Exercise does not do anything that you want and no miracle can show. But due to continuous water, the stone also gets drilled. Exercise Exercise Your body is solid and warm.
Dieting is very important with the exercise that is used to reduce weight. Women often suffer from their growing age, therefore slow down their aging process is in regular exercise. Although the advantages of exercise are numerous, but some of them exercise that the body makes the body solid. Reducing the aging process reduces the system digestive. The body becomes beautiful and helps with the help of heart failure. Blood increases during the 'role of joints'. The kidneys can work better. Due to exercise you feel self-esteemed. Your nerves have a good effect. If you have started exercising during the age of thirty and forty, you need to exercise half an hour daily. You will be surprised to know that for a long time, up to sixty-five years old, you will feel yourself as you feel yourself thirty years old.
Learn Lesson From Children: You have ever thought that children keep playing in the play every time and do not sit in China. That's why they show not only Tasana but also remain healthy. By becoming older, these kids are slow to run playing. And on that basis, we dig up our fame and freshness. His main reason is that their times make significant difference in the car. But if they think at the age that sports can not jump, at least they can exercise. Man sets himself up on his own. The way the machine is used, it keeps moving, but when it is closed, it gets bored. Similarly, as long as a man walks steadfast, remains healthy and as soon as he leaves himself loose old. Nevertheless, a person needs solid intention and management, after which he gradually increases the practice of his practice. No exercises for practice should start immediately but also increase. Exercise more than one-day exercise can be harmful to you. Your waist may become painful and pull the muscles.
Exercise Principles: Therefore, to exercise exercises, follow the following methods: Not only will you remain healthy, but it will not be possible for any kind of physical harm.
Tilt on the foot and apply both your hands on the ground. Then stand straight and repeat the process on the left. Be careful not to turn both the fingers and turn away stories. Try to put the handbag on the ground.
This exercise is very good for the stomach. Generally women have many problems in the growing stomach, and they keep using it in such a way to rescue them. Such women should lie on the left side of the earth on the cruet and put all their weight on the left corner. Apply with your right knee stomach and now move the left leg straight. As far as possible, use your right hand to the right leg, repeat this process three times on one side and then do the same.
Lift down the left and put your weight on the left corner and lift both sides and right hand towards the top and then lower it, then lift the left leg and hand on the right side.
Straight down the ground. Then lift the waist on both hands and drag the legs inwards and balance the thumbs. From the ground only armies should touch the fingers and foot fingers, this exercise is very useful for thighs and stomachs. Lay down the waist on the ground 'Keep the waist on your hands and raise your body upwards. Just touch the shoulders. Keep the left leg straight and twist the right leg to the stomach and keep the foot toward the knee's left leg.
Similarly, repeat the same with the other leg. This exercise lot is very useful for the arms and thighs. Although difficulty is difficult, but by doing so you will get rid of it. Open the two legs and open the ground. Take the left arm over the head and turn on the right side to feel comfortable in the waist. Then turn the left arm to the left arm.
Very useful exercise for muscles: This exercise is very useful for stomach muscles. Let's first lie down for it, then try to sit while dragging both hands and feet. Put the thumb and the toes of the feet towards one side. Pause for a second then re-enter. Try the first left then on the right ...!
Lift on your left 'keep the head and your eyes straight. Keep your body on the left hand and keep your face in front of the face. Now, make your straight leg as far as possible. Repeat the same process on the other side.
Lift the head over the ground and lift the head and tie both the arms forward. Now keep the shoulder straight. Take both sides upwards. With this, raise your next body slightly higher. Raise the legs up and down. Even if you apply without legs, you can beat them twice a few days. This exercise is very useful for your heart. Although you'll have to face a little bit in the beginning to do it.
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