How do i stop myself from getting the flu ?

I take it you didn't get a flu shot, so next year get it, and every year , the complications of the flu are pneumonia, and other nasty conditions 
It is airborne, but doubt the product would help at all. 
it is a virus 
get a lot of sleep eat well, don't wear your self out, 
stay away from others who are sick 
and the most important wash you hands as often as you think about it 
and keep your hands away from your face 
it you think you get it , and have a temp over 101.5 go to your Dr asap 
there is new medication if taken early it will lessen the symptoms and when you feel like you have been hit by a truck, that is a lot and it can shorten the time you are sick

Best Food in Flu :

Cranberry contains enough antioxidants than fruits and vegetables high in general. One dish of cranberries contain 5 times more antioxidants than broccoli. Cranberry is a natural probiotic that helps increase the good bacteria in the body and protects it from diseases carried in food. 

a. Contains Vitamin A 4x more than the apple fruit (per 100 gr) 
b. Contains more Vitamin C than 5x Citrus fruit (per 100 gr) 
c. Rich in fiber that helps launch a bowel movement, improve and strengthen the digestive tract, and to cure dysentery. 
d. Rich in antioxidants 
e. Regular consumption can prevent heart disease and cancer. 

Guava efficacy is unquestionable. People affected by de condition can rapidly improve when drinking at Guava Juice. Prove yourself! 
For additional info: Better to consumption of fruits like Guava and without juiced apples, due to biting and chewing the fruit is rich in fiber, can help remove tartar buildup
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