Can we lose weight from protein?

In the beginning of the twentieth century, Jimmy Stephenon, an outgoing researcher in Arctic spent only five years of meat. This meant that their diet had 80% fat and 20% protein.

After 20 years, in 1928, Stephenstein did this experience again in a Belivo Hospital in New York for nearly a year. Stephen's experience was because he wanted to prove these people, who said that humans could not live just by eating flesh.

But unfortunately, during his two experiences he became very ill. The reason was clean. Stephenon was eating fat protein without fat. So they have 'protein positing'. It was difficult due to taking more protein.

When Stephenson made a change in her diet and included fat with protein in her diet, her disease quickly dropped.

Stephenon continued to take low carbohydrates and low-fat food before the 83-year-old death.

Cepherson's case is one of the earliest examples, which is said to have said that protein taking a lot of protein affects human health.

But this is a century old. Today, it is that people eat protein shakes, protein shakes, protein balls. And this is happening, when most people do not know how much protein they want, how protein should be taken, how low or how much protein is harmful to us.

Thickness and consciousness also increased

In the past two decades, the speed of becoming obesity in people around the world has doubled. But today we are even more conscious about drinking our food.

In the last few years, we have started using brown bridges, brown bridges, flour broth and bourgeois cats. We take skimmed milk instead of full cream milk. Protecting health is the center of our consciousness protein.

People are helpless to take protein bars, protein balls and protein shakes. The protein cereal packets are decorated from the protein soup in the market.

If you go to Supermarkets today, the protein products from the diet make you attractive. The market value of protein supplements worldwide is $ 12.4 billion. That is why people living in health believe that we should use as much protein as possible.

But now all experts are saying that these products with more protein are burden on us and pockets for us.

Protein is essential for the development of our body. Most protein things that are essential for making milk, meat, eggs, fish and pulses.

When we eat such things, our stomach breaks into it and changes into amino acids that absorb our little intestine. From here, these amino acids reach our liver. The liver determines which are the essential amino acids for our body. The separated acid separates them from the body through the urine.

How many proteins should be taken?

Those who do not work far away or work hard, they require 0.75 grams of protein per kg according to their body. On average, this figure is 55 grams for men and 45 grams for women are fine. Eating two fist-meat, fish, dry fruits or dalses requires daily protein.

Do not take the necessary protein in the entire quantity of hair loss, skin fat, weight loss and muscular complications may occur. But low-protein food problems can be seen very rarely. Usually they get to see those people whose diet is very messy and there is no regular diet.

Nevertheless, we often believe that protein is very important for bodybuilding and muscle development. It's also fairly accurate.

Exercise strengths cause muscle protein to be broken. Such muscles require protein to make it powerful, so that the muscles can be repaired. This is the amino acid called Lewis found in proteins.

Some researchers also say that after doing very difficult exercise, if we do not eat protein full food, it breaks our muscles even more. That is why exercise does not benefit, when you do not take protein etc.

Therefore, supermarket-selling machines give you occasionally to take things like protein shakes immediately after exercise. They understand that it is necessary to strengthen your muscles. The protein shake is found in the same protein that is a cheese baking pattern.

Protein supplements are beneficial?
The research report of the Mineral Sino-2017 research company states that 27 percent of the UK use protein bar or protein shake.

Those people who work more than twice a week, also get them up to 39 percent. But interestingly, 63% of them do not know how much they have been doing this post-workout shake. They can not even tell if any effect is detected or not.

In 2014, 36 extracted extracts were said to be that it is beneficial for eating protein in the early days of exercise. But then it can not be clearly said about its benefit.

As you get exercise habits, the benefits of taking protein shakes or protein bars are reduced. Experts say that the benefit of such protein food is when it is taken with carbohydrates. Or, it is certain that this protein diet is helpful in keeping your body light and fit. IYou get more physical work.

But if Athletes and gym beneficiaries benefit from the extra diet of protein, it does not mean that you also start taking protein supplements.

Says Kevin Kapton, sports professor at the University of Sterling, "that most people get more protein than their diet. No one has to take a spent. You can easily get protein in proper quantity through your daily diet. "

Will only work from taking protein?

Kevin Tipton says protein bars are like candy. It just has a little protein. Professor Tipton also says bodybuilding does not require so much protein bar etc., as much as noise. According to Professor Tipton today it is very important to take the appointment, it is a big market.

According to Kevin Tippen, today there is not only a protinine in your good health. Rather, you should have a good sleep for it. Mind free from Zubair and should take care of wearing your food.

Other experts also believe that we should meet the essential diet of the protein through our diet. Spreadsheets are not a good source. Jimmy Kloz of John Moore University of Liverpool says only Ethiopians need to take protein separately. But even if they take a protein shake after exercise, that's enough.

Apart from this, elderly people also need to take protein as a supplement other than food.

Emma Stevenson, associated with the UK University of Newcastle, is working with nutrients. They are removing protein extensions in the cake, especially those in the censex that use the elderly.

Gregory Kloz says that where people require 0.75 grams of protein per kg according to their weight, elders need 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram.

Does it get worse than protein?
The good thing is that your protein food is not so easy. Some people who are dying are worried about eating protein more than kidneys. But all the evidence shows that this is very little.

Often the protein is said to reduce weight. Low carbohydrate food reduces your weight. Some protein diets can be helpful in doing so.

If you have a protein breakfast in the morning, then you feel hungry in the day. There is evidence that protein improves your hunger.

Alix Johnston, who is affiliated with Embedded University, says that by reducing carbohydrate in your diet and with protein-rich food you can easily lose weight.

They recommend that you eat food that contains 30% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 30% fat. This will help you reduce your weight.

The average diet contains 15% protein, 55% carbohydrates and 35% fat, if you think that taking more protein is only weight loss, you are inclined.

Poultry or fish may be beneficial for you. Red meat and methane can then water again on the try to reduce your weight. They also increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.

It is a protein called microprootine, which can be found without eating meat. It is derived from some types of spirits. Although research is still ongoing to understand all its benefits.

Overall, the risk of eating more protein is lower. It is more likely that we start buying expensive protein sperments. If it is expensive, they are afraid to have a bad effect on their health. Because there is plenty of sugar, carbohydrate, which is enough to take water on your good health.
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