Depression is killer of human happiness

Medical experts say depression is not a common disease but a biological disease like diabetes. However, there is a difference in the symptoms of the disease that are psychological. In fact, this is due to human chemical biological changes

The fear of any sad incident or anything in the mind of depression people remains a constant rider. We all know this well that sadness and sorrow are an integral part of our lives if it is not hurt, it is not possible to recognize happiness. The sign of being healthy is that we accept travels to search for the happiness of any bitter or horrible incident, while accepting the facts, but it is not possible to do so during depression.
 Patients and disorders are permanently impaired on the patient's patient.
Medical experts say depression is not a common disease but a biological disease like diabetes. However, there is a difference in the symptoms of the disease that are psychological. In fact, this is due to the biological chemical changes in human mind that make it frustrated and desperate.
According to a general observation, every segment of society is in the same equality. The rich and the poor are also vulnerable to it. It is different that 90 percent of people do not just treat and think that people do not understand it. That they have a mental problem or are suffering from mental illness. Only ten percent of them are those who consider not only one disease, but they also take care of their treatment.
We have less men in men and depression of women in excess of depression. One of the pregnant women, one male and seven men, is definitely suffering from this disease.
Some people think that women who lose their income or whose economic conditions are very bad are more depressive. But in the opinion of doctors, this idea is not correct because many upper class women who do not face any kind of financial problems but are more depressed than low-income women.
Doctors say that there is no need to admit that depression patients are not so easy to return to life. In other cases, depression like other diseases should be diagnosed and timely. Such as other People suffering from diseases need treatment and affection, as well as those suffering from depression are entitled to it.
Depression is more common in the world than depression of depression, where Depression is considered as a madness disease, and it is prohibited to go to Cystitis. They prefer to remain silent in this matter while depression The patient does not want to create any problem for the family, he keeps silent and disturbed voices inside himself. In particular, women are unable to understand their disease, including husbands and other households to recognize them ill. Are not ready
However, in those situations taking a patient to a cyclist is not a question, and some efforts are also resisted. In women, women are unable to diagnose their disease and do not have immediate diagnosis of the disease. The disease continues to grow. It is said that women get bullet-free medicines themselves. Another terrible factor is that you can take any medication from the medical store without the doctor's prescription.
According to doctors, during the depression, the body's immune system also gets severe pressures. In this case the patient's heart beat becomes extraordinarily sharp. The surface of the 'pressure pressure' insulin and cholesterol increases. Even blood Blood clotting also starts to become increasingly rapidly. In consequence, people may face many deadly diseases other than acne.
Depression causes depression in different people. It has many formats and many levels, but three types of levels are more common among us. Diabetes or Major Depression 'Dis рдеी Theme and Mickey Depression. The social life of Major Depression-Hunting patients is particularly influenced and it takes special time to treat them. However, it is encouraging that all depression is cured. But it would be very good to treat the doctor at the same time. In view of men, there are many reasons for depression in women than men. The main reason is that women are largely deprived of social support, while men's matter is very different. They talk about their business problems as well as domestic problems, even on marital matters. As women isolate isolation Hunting.
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