Have you ever heard about patching, implanting childbirth?

Have you ever heard about patching, implanting childbirth?

'I am only 28 years old. I have three boats in this age. A baby was born. The doctor says that now I can not have my own child. But I want my own child. I do not want a child from a surprise. Nor does the child want to adopt. You can tell, what can happen? '

The resident of Manokshi Wald, Bhrochch, Indian state of Gujarat, was first disappointed when he met Dr. Schillash Pottybucker for the first time.

He was the month of April in 2017. Manakshi reached the doctor's hospital with his mother and his family in the summer.

Dr Shailesh Panthbeker has a reputation for childbirth transplant all over the country and is deployed at Pune's Galaxy Hospital.

What is 'emotional syndrome'?

Manakshi's child was unable to get a child, because he was called 'Ashramen Syndrome'. In this disease, there is a problem of women not getting adolescent and the child does not work for years.

Often, it is a disease due to multiple infections once again, additionally after the first delivery, it is also a disease due to digging in the baby.

According to a report published in the International Journal of Applied Research, 15 percent of the women in the world can not become mother due to different reasons. In which three to five percent of women suffer from childbirth.

Manakshi was pregnant last two years ago. 'One was that day and one is today's day.' My spell is going to be true. I am unaware waiting for the first week of November. 'Every time a person arrives at the Manakshi hospital, every nurse and junior doctor must mention it every day.

Currently, for the past five months, Manakshi is admitted to the hospital. They are 21 weeks pregnant. In May 2017, his baby was diagnosed. His mother gave her a baby.

Childbirth What do the figures say?

There is no childbirth in the world. According to Dr. Shailesh, only 26 women have been diagnosed in the whole world, only 14 are successful.

However, according to some media reports, 42 pensions have been completed throughout the world. While women are pregnant after birth only in eight cases.

Seven of the eight cases belong to Sweden and one of America. Manakshi's case is Asia's first where a child is expected to produce after childbirth.

Manakashi's grandfather is given by her own mother. His mother is 49 years old. Usually donation should be between 40 to 60 years of such a diagnosis.

According to Dr. Schillish, the first condition of childbirth is that donor is female, sister or child.

There is currently no law in the country because science has not yet been achieved in this sector of science.

Once a donor is found according to Dr. Schillish then a lipococcup can be taken out. The case of childbirth is a matter of transplant. It can be a child of a living woman. The whole process takes 10 to 12 hours.

As a second donation, a woman can not be donated after a woman dies.

High Juice Pregnancy

Once a child is diagnosed, according to Dr. Schillish, almost a year later, the woman's cottage is ready to keep her baby.

According to the doctors, often after the childhood diagnosis, there is a risk of 'regulation'. In most cases, the body does not accept painted penis. That's why you need to monitor for a year.

After the childbirth's pregnancy, if a woman wants a child, the amber can be made in the lab, and then the female's child can be transferred.

Mother's eggs and father's supermarkets are used to make embroidery. The same was done in the case of manxiac. In the first week of April this year, Amberto, who was born in Lab, moved to Dr. Babylene and his team to his baby.

For the past five months, doctors in the same hospital in Manakshi Pune are under supervision.

Dr. Schillish describes such pregnancy as a high risk regeneration. According to him, the family of Manakshi does not want to take any kind of risk nor the team of doctors too.

Describing the complexities of such high risk management, Dr. Shailesh says: 'Manakashi is on several types of ammonic spirits medicines.'

'Such a risk of diabetes increases during pregnancy. It is necessary to control it. Along with blood pressure also does not have to grow or decrease. That is why it is important to keep the carpentry safely. '

From May 2017 till date, Dr Shailish team has done six childhood pediatricians in India and claims that all the operations have been successful.

Childbirth after pregnancy is also worried because donor's childbirth does not have the habit of losing pregnancy. In mother case, her mother was pregnant 20 years ago. If something changes after 20 years, then it will appear to be difficult.

According to Dr. Schillish, the delivery of minicapi will be done today even if it is planned to be a sausier.

But why are you?

Dr. Schillish tells about that childbirth is only the type of childbirth during pregnancy, with no prescription medication can be done, so there is no 'labor pan' in such a kind of pregnancy.

What is the risk of children born in this way?
"She is the first case of her nature in the country," says Dr Shailesh. Therefore, we do not have an old record. There are only eight such cases in the world. But after the delivery of the mother, it takes 12 to 15 weeks of health. We hope the same thing in the case of manxiac.
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