Health Benefits of Lemons

Lemons found in every part of the world, is the king of precious fruit in terms of its benefits, but due to our criticism, it is considered to be a minor vegetable. It often has stearic acid, calcium, potassium, foliage, phosphorus And Vitamin A and B .
This meat maker is the treasure of nutritious and healthy ingredients and vitamins C. Its spices, juice and seeds are all food and medicine ingredients inside you. It is common for ancient light to digestive food and to remove the gas from the stomach gas.
 Nobody is denying the effect of the healing to remove the stomach .Lemons are a cool fruit that is used in the diet of food. It helps in strengthened bones to strengthen the bone .This calcium helps The amount of cholesterol produces the amount of fatigue by providing the necessary amount .
Children are often beneficial to drink a bit of salt and a lime juice mixed with a sharp pot .If the stomach is leaving, then Ali Take a little bit of boiling water and boil it with lime juice and drink it before milking.
 The juice of the juice gets removed and the teeth like pearls get mixed. The juice juice on the saddle and on the left hand causes them to soften, the rubbing of lime on the skin causes colorfulness. .
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