Heart Attack: Symptoms, Warning Signs, and Treatments

Heart attack

If the heart is accompanied by a painful aching in the shoulder or arm, and if there is anxiousness on the patient and if it is cold sweat, then remove the patient on a comfortable bed and calm the atmosphere.
Heart attacks may not be at home but compared to medical aid after several hours after a heart attack, it is more important to handle the patient as quickly as possible. We tell you some important home appliances that benefit from visiting a heart attack. Can be picked up,
1. If the heart is accompanied by a painful aching or shoulder in the shoulder or arm, and there is anxiousness on the patient and it is cooling sweat, then the patient should be removed on a comfortable bed. The atmosphere should calm down. Allow the patient to be immediately The patient should not move to the doctor at all. The patient should not be comfortable at all, after a minimum of one hour after the treatment occurs, the doctor should take the hospital instead of taking the patient to the hospital.
2. If a person feels a burden on breast instead of pain at the time of visit, such a visit takes a while while sleeping. The patient feels cheating and gets up and downs, while the latin increases, then the patient's back on the back of the patient. By keeping it in a relaxed chair, the patient's breath is completely blurred, and if the visit is more intense, the patient feels perverse, urgent such as oxygen and medical assistance, leaving a patient sitting in a car or a taxi immediately. Take the hospital if the hospital is not near then fire brigade can also get oxygen as long as the car or taxi is available. Keep it in the hull and hospitable place, but save it from cold, by taking a patient on a strap or taking a stroke to a car or hospital, it is better to take two men in the hands or if the wheel chair is present, then the car can be used on it. This type of patient feels better than sitting and suffering from latency increases the patient and if there is any psychological pressure on her mind, try to reduce it, calling doctor at home is more useful. Does not happen
Before you visit: Before symptoms are usually predicted, many symptoms predict that you can take appropriate measures to visit these complete symptoms of heart disease if you are often stiffened in the chest as well. It hurts as if someone has knocked a knife or it leads to a shoulder or arm, such as a doctor with a doctor in his first leisure, usually a little break and would not be dangerous or more painful. If you come in a foot or ankle, and if you press the vermilion with a finger, then apply it to the doctor. If you have any pain in your heart before heart failure, consult the doctor immediately if you have a breath or do it with a slight work, please refer to the doctor to do more work hard. It is natural to have breathing naturally if you have to wake up and feel uncomfortable because of breathing in the night and if you feel uncomfortable, sit in the rest of the chair if the situation is normal for 10 to 15 minutes. If you come, please stay comfortable in the chair and meet the doctor early in the morning, if the breathing speed is not correct by sitting in a chair Take care of the doctor, remember that there is no disease that can cause a sudden attack and remove the life of a man. After the death of many heart patients, the patient's death occurs, and even the heart's heart may cause danger to you before a regular visit to the heart. Many signals, if you take care of heart disease, you can get rid of it.
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