Heart Dysrhythmias, Irregular Pulse, Missed beats and Palpitations

Mixed heart or heart beat
If the heart is swollen, it is not considered a sign of illness every time it can be auspicious or dangerous.
A healthy man does not feel the pain of his heart, but if the heart is beaten strongly, every time it is not considered as a sign of illness, it can be auspicious or dangerous. The three types of heart disorders mentioned in this type are first type of skin fat, which is a sharp turn, such as exercising or breathing with a loud heart, is a natural process because the heart has to make more blood supply. The disease is of functional disorders, there is no disorder in heart disease, but the feeling of sweating in external factors increases. Anemia Anemia's shortage of blood is the nature of emotional emotions, some of the regular regeneration of the fever regularly, the excessive use of fatigue or coffee, etc., the third type of internal or organic diseases is of organic diseases. In this case, due to self-heart disease These include joint pain and heart disease, heart disease is mostly natural or functional nature. The heart disease is relatively visible to the point of view, with the attitude of treatment, it is necessary to distinguish functional and organic illness. Heart failure is sudden due to functional disorder and then it is also possible to take care of yourself later. This disease is often found in women, heart rate is very prominent and strong, sitting or lying, increases the rate of fat and decreases due to work or exercise. Contrary to heart disease error Due to the gradual increase in the stroke slowly stays and continues, the disease normally takes men, and it appears to be rarely seen in women, and usually due to the pain of the first joints, it is painful or painful. It reduces from the latitude and increases by exercising, it is not more prominent and powerful, besides the patient
Treatment: Leave the skin beat on it, there is no need for treatment, if it is a function of nature, it does not have to be too distressing, it can not be fatal, but if you know the cause of it, try to remove it. Keep in mind that if the functional disorders continue to stress on the heart, heart eventually endangered any psychiatrist, try to reduce psychological stress, for this purpose, you can use one or two tablets of liquid crystalline dramasin or omon, etc. when you feel uncomfortable. You can use but your strength can play a more effective role than medicines Do not worry that you are not in danger of any dangerous disease. Always eliminate the use of drug items periodically, even if you have to start it again, and if you have to start it again, treat yourself with disorders and if you have problems with the disease. If you are looking for a reason, keeping a soda minute or a paper minute tablet in your mouth, by sucking yourself in a cookie study or in any other cycle, you can reduce the feeling of fatigue and improve your health. If there is anemia or any other disease, treat it if you are worried about active illness. You can reduce the risk of heart disease due to some long breathing breathing and sometimes breathing, do not try to find the disease inside yourself sometimes you can find it true. If you are suffering from a mental illness or the pain of joints before your heart rate increases, you will not be more likely to get a doctor if you have a symptom of above mentioned symptoms. Keeping most of the cardiac heart diseases, if they start treatment at the same time, they are not proven to be deadly and most of the heart diseases only In the same case, the deadly ones prove to be when the patient feels self-esteemed if you really want to live, you can beat most of the heart diseases.
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