How good is Roots Vegetables for your Health !

Due to changing lifestyle, the habits of our eating habits have changed significantly. Therefore, women do not take any excuse for cooking vegetables under the surface of the roots.

But if you know their benefits, you do not ignore the roasted vegetable.

Often women ignore these vegetables as cheap. While modern research has proved that vegetables that produce roots are actually antioxidants and minerals.

From date it is proven that the sugar mill was an important component of traditional medicines five thousand years ago. You will be surprised to know that potatoes provide 31 percent of our daily vitamins daily.

UK researchers about carrots believe that this disease not only protects us from diseases such as heart disease and cancer, but it also keeps us young.

Silver salad with fig
Autumn root vegetables are the nutrition power plants. The color of the vegetable vegetable is vagic but it gives us energy and if they are concentrated on cooking, it can be a healthy life.

The historian Tausanne Samat writes in his book 'The History of the Foods' that hunger in the search of food ten thousand years ago, the earth drank the earth and erupted its wild roots. It was the first step towards agriculture and the cultivation of underground vegetable was started, and the rapidly growing vegetable stock was increased.

They found it easy to grow more than the animals of wild animals and wild fruits, and they became aware of their agriculture and their heart. Today the world is taking advantage of their efforts.

Silver Soup
Potato, Ginger, Garlic, Shemale, Kumal Cucumber, Chimandar, Carrot, Ari, Molly, Sugar Sugar, Ground sugar and onions are included in our everyday life today.

It is amazing that since ancient times, in today's parts and sections of India, they are encouraged, since most of them are included in the vegetables available throughout the year.

But their production is high in the roots and the spring. We should choose our Vegetables by season. The Earth gives us vegetables by season.

These are not bad enough too, so they are found in the kitchen and they need urgent time. We can not imagine our food without vegetable onion, ginger, garlic etc.

Seeing Aru Goog is not a good shape like Carrot but its use reduces weight, erases fatigue and prevents obesity. In this power the power is healed.

Shelf's winter swim is full of unlimited medical benefits. It contains ingredients of calcium and potassium and in the northern part of Delhi, the special dish of Delhi is made from the big hobby. Similarly, a creamy soup of silk, lightweight spice, is a sweet pudding of pudding pastor.

They have a taste in the winter. In some cities, carrot carrots and gourmet litter customers call on the streets. On the other hand, the bronze funeral and the lick spice on it make fun of the funeral.

Underwater vegetable vegetables
White, yellow, red and black carrot have eaten the lentils. Decorated with almond pots, it grows up with a glimpse of shopkeeper, while cooking of gujjarella, carrots, is also made in the houses.

Kitchen without potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic etc is stubborn because it is essential to have chicken or meat or fish.

Apart from this, vegetables grow even below the water. Many flowers of the canal in the lake and the pools offer invites, but its roots that are in the water are Kashmir's sweet food. The farmer gets into the knees and brings out their roots from the feet. Girls in Kashmir are taught by the skill of childbirth to cut kimel cucumber so that in-laws do not get embarrassed.

Different color carrots
Kamal cucumber is also called Shulka in other areas and it is ancient vegetable, which is also mentioned in the Vedaic covenant. Kashmir's lakes are full of canals and their roots are part of Kashmiri cuisine. King and guests were offered on the canal leaves of Kanal root in Vedic times.

Nemi Chandra mentioned in her book Lailawati that it was made with sauce Kapoor and called Neapapati.
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