How smoking effects on body - causes of smoking

The use of Smoking  you start looking old. It hurts man's skin scalp and color. There are four thousand substances contained in tobacco cigarette, which occur quickly on the skin of the skin, and it gets rid of skin. Successfully arm and body are covered. Alcohol drinks Smoking in a hurry so much that the arrows around the lips begin to bounce.
It keeps appearing on roofs, roots and granular mouths. Anyone who smokes too much is usually yellow, despite brushing her teeth. It only does not look bad to see the teeth, but black jars in the jaws and tooth roots make it very weak. It gets nails and hair very bad. The nails change the color and they become rough. But leaving Smoking nails again become normal. Hair loss is a natural process with every person's growing age. But the hair of people who smoke Smoking are more. This leads to increased surgeosis of knees and elbow and keeps on getting frustrated. It almost destroys lungs, but also its implicit effects on the bones. Bones are hollow and do not remain strong as before.
Osteoporosis osteoporosis is also increased by smoking. This man starts to sit down and when he can leave. Due to weakness, man's fractures can be more. If it had nothing to happen before falling down, then a man who had a four-five-year-old smoker could also suffer from light stroke because now the bones are hollow and can easily break. Because of this a coronary artery block can be a cause of heart attack. Smoking for heart patients is very harmful
It becomes thicker and can cause chronic and heart diseases. Smoking for a player can destroy her hair because it breathes quickly and man's stamina (low capacity) becomes very low. When the blood gets thick, its circulation also affects and it Very bad for any player.
Women who cigarette smoke do not affect their skin and skin, but their chances of becoming their mother are greatly reduced. It makes it difficult for a woman to consolidate. Baby's loss is more likely, and if a child is born, it is not very healthy like rest, but is less than normal children. Smoking can cure lung cancer, and according to a research, nine of every patient who diagnose lung cancer are sympathetic. Of course, nine percent of thirteen cancer patients are accustomed to smuggling. The censorship of a cigarette is also kept at all times. It is very easy to get rid of Smoking like any drunk, but it requires strong intentions and keep themselves engaged in positive engagement.
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