How to Good care against itching

Scratching skin is an unpleasant sensation that can ruin your life. To reduce pruritus, we adopt good anti-itch reflexes and we use good care to soothe the skin.

Nothing is more common than itching ! Most of the time, whatever the age, it is only a prurit said "sine materia", in other words without associated pathology, but related to a cutaneous dryness. "Dry skin is indeed very common, says Dr. Ionescu, when this dryness becomes too great, the skin begins to tug, especially on the arms and legs, back ...". Some skin diseases are responsible for pruritus, such as atopic eczema or genetic dry skin (ichthyosis). "But itching remains complex and still unclear mechanisms," says Dr. Sayag.

Because something tickles the nerve endings in the skin. When it is occasional itching, it is most often a problem of dry skin: the cutaneous barrier is altered, it does not defend the skin enough. Which loses its suppleness and softness, and becomes dull and rough. Faced with irritants and allergens, it no longer assures its protective role, which promotes awareness, causing feelings of itching and tugging. We then scratch to relieve this unpleasant sensation! But the more we scratch and the more we want to scratch ... By force, the skin is irritated and can turn into a wound.

"Most often it is a commonplace, external cause," says the allergist, "for example, cosmetics that are poorly adapted or too aggressive: they contain a chemical substance that triggers a reaction that favors pruritus. the wind, temperature variations that promote water loss of the skin and are, therefore, real aggressions for the epidermis, which dries up, and create itching. "

Another physical aggression, the sun, as dermatologist Toni Ionescu explains: "Too much sun or air conditioning inside the house can also dry out the skin and make itchy, stress is also incriminated!" Dr. Ionescu.

"The itching affects everyone: children to adults, including the elderly," says Dr. Ionescu. At the menopause, the stop of the production of estrogen entails in particular a fall of the synthesis of the lipids. The skin becomes thinner and drier, which can cause itching. There is also senile pruritus, which occurs in the elderly (30% of over 65 years), whose very dry skin has weakened. "It is soothed by moisturizing the skin and correcting skin dryness, which allows these people to find a barrier of good quality," says Dr. Sayag.

When they are due to a banal dryness of the skin, it is necessary to change its habits: "One can resort to soft and nourishing hygiene products, which also have an antipruriginous action", advises Dr Sayag. These products used daily will soothe the skin quickly, but also have an essential action on the repair of the skin barrier. The itching will disappear by itself quickly and the skin more nourished and better hydrated will be softer and more flexible.

Their formula is composed of a significant nutrient phase and soothing agents, intended to reduce itching. "In this type of product for dry skin, it is important to incorporate antipruriginous active ingredients: they reduce inflammation by stimulating the synthesis of anti-inflammatory lipids in the skin, which also reduces pruritus. And thermal water also plays a calming role, "says Luc Lefeuvre, director of research and development Uriage.

"It is necessary that the skin is always well hydrated, well protected and to use only adapted cosmetics", continues the allergist. As with sensitive and intolerant skin, it is best to avoid anything that irritates the skin, such as wearing tight clothing or sweating profusely , as sweat is irritating. These factors act as external stimuli that may excite the skin. Which can cause itching.

When they last or if there are associated signs like redness or other, the itching should not be taken lightly. "If you've been scratching for weeks, it's better to consult a dermatologist, do not scratch yourself, because the itching is a symptom of something." This specialist will determine whether it is a common itch, skin disease or more rarely, an internal disease.The skin is indeed an organ in itself, it can also reflect what is happening inside, "recommends the allergist.

-Choose gentle cleansing products (without preservatives, without ethoxylated foaming substances, without dyes, without sulphates, without soap ...).

-Dry the skin by dabbing it, not rubbing it.

-Apply a daily care to "relipider" the skin, whether dry or very dry.

-Eat each day a little butter and oil to have no nutritional deficiencies in fat.

-Rester more than 5 minutes in the shower or 15 minutes in a bath, because the limestone dries the skin.

-Use water too hot. Above 34 ° C, hot water "delipates" the epidermis.

-Choose rough textiles that may accentuate scratching: wool, nylon etc ...

-Wear synthetic tights every day that alter the hydrolipidic film

Antibacterial washing oil

A silky formula that contains one-third of relipidants (glycerin, vegetable lipids and vitamin PP) and two-thirds of mild cleansing agents to which has been added the patent Skin Barrier Therapy, which provides an antibacterial barrier, developed for atopic skin .

Atoderm shower oil, Bioderma, € 13.90 per liter.

Concentrated care sensitive areas

Against the important droughts and the itchings, this concentrated care with the creamy texture contains 25% of shea butter for an intense nutrition and a soothing asset, the chronoxine, to decrease the inflammation and to limit the pruritus.

Releridizing cerate anti-irritation Xémose, Uriage, 19,28 € the 200 ml.

Restorative Balm Anti-Pruritus

In this fragrance-free balm, the fat phase combines five nutritive sources: cottonseed oil, coconut oil, phospholipids, Babassu butter and glycerine, sources of essential fatty acids (Omegas 3, 6 and 9) and also soothing Niacinamide (vitamin PP).

Intensive Anti-Recurrence Balm, SVR, 18,50 € the 400ml.

Very rich restorative cream

A 95% natural-origin formula for this very moisturizing cream consisting of vegetable glycerin, Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin B3 and extracts of oat seedlings. All in a melting and unctuous texture whose fat phase contains lipids similar to those of sebum.

Anti-drying cream Xera-Mega comfort, A-Derma, 14.50 € the 400 ml.

Milk special aged skin

This milk provides the necessary moisture to the skin in addition to reducing itching and recurrence, thanks to a trio that works synergistically: the soothing Polidocanol, Prucidine 4 which stops the triggering of pruritus and the healing base that hydrates during 24 hours. h without oily effect.

Soothing Sensinol Physioprotective Milk, Ducray, 18,90 € the 400 ml.

Care severe drought

This generous balm contains 20% relipidant shea butter, canola oil and glycerine, soothing Niacinamide, as well as thermal water from rock-Posay, and Aqua Posae Filiformis which acts favorably on the cutaneous microbiome.

Relipidant Balm anti-irritations anti-scratching Lipikar Balm AP +, La Roche-Posay, 22,50 € the 400 ml.

Thanks to our experts: Dr. Michèle Sayag, allergist and director of medical strategy of Bioderma and Dr. Toni Ionescu, dermatologist and director of scientific communication Uriage
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