How to Lose Belly Fat at Home

Five ways to reduce Belly fat

Many people are in an error that if they are nervous and large then they have nothing, but their hair and their hands are heavy. This thought is dangerous. According to research, fat in fat gives rise to the risk that cholesterol levels may increase, chronic heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or fluid may occur. Women may also have chronic cancer.
The ideas of people about growing up are wrong. How to get rid of it, people do not even know it. Five ways to reduce the amount below is being added, which can easily be found.
(1) Do not increase temperament that the Belly fat comes out
Dick Ruden, a US specialist researcher who says about obesity, says that if you leave your bed, you can still get fat in the stomach. Whether you are worried or not to know this, the floors stand on the bench and try to see the thumbs up. If you fail to try this, it means that your throat is increased. Likewise, you should lie down on the floor and take a stick to the knees. If the rod does not reach the knee and your stomach is broken, it means that your throat is increased.
(2) Women get tired too
Men's fat is stored in the stomach, when women's thighs and hips. The 38-year-old Melissa used to swim first, but after passing her high school exam, she started increasing weight. Interestingly, he did not make any food in the diet. A few years later, when he examined his medical examination, it was just because he had grown up, but also got rid of it. He had two sons and he did not try to reduce his stomach after maternity, so fat was collected in the tide. Those women who do not feed their children, their growth also increases.
(3) do not need to fly
No need to fly to reduce the throat, but attention should be taken towards calories and fat should be reduced. Eat less proteins and nuts. There is 9 grams in a gram grease, when there is approximately 4 gases in a protein and gram gram. If you eat alike in the amount of fat and starch, you will increase the weight of grease, because the storage of grease When the starch barks have to turn to fat in the gym and it contains pearls. Mix them with a mixture of mixed grains, including cereals, rice, beans, fruits and vegetables, Especially without cough potato, cereals, spinach, ginger and carrots etc. Avoid more salt biscuits and butter popcorn foods. Most of the foods suggest that you eat 20 percent of the fat, it will get a good result and you feel a big change in yourself. Will. Expert nutrition Judith Stan says that when experiments on mice in laboratory were tried to lose their weight, they were given freedom to eat whatever they wanted. They eagerly eat those things which were 50 to 60 percent of fat. There is something similar to the human being. They reduce weight by careful care, but my tapa is immersed again, because they illegally start eating food. Similarly, female diets also do, but in the evening tea adds things that are more healthy and chuttered.
(4) Hard work is not necessary
A physician says that when you reduce your fat from your diet, it is easier for you to burn these bars, which you are eating. Say that you do not need to exercise, because the fat in the stomach burns easily again. If you exercise AEROBIC exercises for a half hour daily, you will be treated as sharp, awakening, swimming or cycling etc. A physician says you need to be more active. Park your car somewhere away from the house and set maximum distance from the legs. Instead of using the lift, it's time to sleep. It is appropriate to take a walk in the first few weeks 15 to 20 minutes a week.
(5) keeping the waist straight, exercise is not useful
If you have to reduce your throat, do not hurt yourself by exercising the waist straight. It does not reduce the Belly Fat. One person exercised an average of 1,85 barrejed exercises for 27 days, but its effect did not affect. There is no use to strengthen the muscle of your stomach, because the intense amount of fat increases. Similarly, there is no relation between the stomach muscles due to less emphasis. Exercising any special muscle does not reduce the fat around it. So they are all desirable, but less people use the appropriate method for it. Men and women wishing to reduce the throat should use the appropriate method, otherwise it is possible to harm.
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