How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 weeks

Obesity has become a knowledgeable disease. Its major reason is a bad lifestyle. We are getting rid of nature. Due to no ease and time, the food consumption trend has increased, resulting in high blood pressure, diabetes jointache, diabetes and cholesterol. In the obesity, the body gets excessive fat. Although this disease is more common in women than men. Those who ask for relaxation, do not exercise saria and eat excessive foods, they are more vulnerable to obesity. Due to relaxation, body fluid fat is not analyzed and causes obesity. Some people have the potential to collect more fat naturally, and some eat their fatty fat diet. These people do not work or work physically. This way fat is caused by obesity. The food we eat, maintains the body's health by being a component body. Some people eat more healthy foods to stay attractive, healthy and healthy, and do not care about health at all, due to which the amount of fat in the body increases and causes obesity. Every person should eat the food according to his daily physical needs. Food is intended to maintain body health and to hunger, not to lose fat due to fatigue. Today, women are more likely to treat diarrhea, especially to prevent obesity, which cause other diseases. The face of the diving is not attractive, but it becomes unconscious, it reduces blood, is yellow, it does not consist of regular periods and decreases in physical strength. Low food or dieting is not the right way to eliminate obesity. Eat your daily diet. Eat foods as needed, which have higher fat capacity. Eats more foods that reduce fat. Also eat foods that accelerate the fat dissolution process. Below are some such foods being mentioned.
Gourmet: have breakfast According to research, eating without chinese food starts reducing physical weight.
Chakkutra: Chakkutra (Greep Fruit) is rich with Hayatine G (Vitamin C). It prevents the fat from being stored in the body and keeps the level of insulin low. Grocery helps prevent obesity due to unique chemical properties that are fat.
Cabbage: Cabbage is pure vegetable. It is also useful for reducing physical weight. It can be eaten anytime, however, moderate food is beneficial.
Nourot: According to modern research, 30 grams of walnut daily reduces cholesterol. It balance the cholesterol level. Nutrients reduce obesity by reducing the fat.
Joe: Who prevents cholesterol from stroke? The fiber present in this helps not only dissolve fat, but also improves digestive performance. Regardless of the intake of cholesterol levels, regular diet is expected to be moderated on the moderate and obesity.
Pulses: Pulses are also useful for reducing obesity. A plate consumes 18 grams of protein, which increases energy in the body. Deals reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure, so instead of dying to avoid obesity eat sours.
Olive oil: Eating olive oil reduces weight, because it does not allow the fat to be gathered. According to research, it is very useful to reduce obesity.
Green Tea: According to the health experts, green tea does not increase weight. It is useful to dissolve fat and remove energy from glucose in food. Also it improves the efficiency of digestion.
Water: Drinking water before the food starts to lose weight. Drinking water shortly after eating daily meals increases the rate of digestion, which helps in burning the heels. You can reduce obesity from eating habits before eating.
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