It's not hard to be happy

It is said that the most important person in the world is that which is happening on ordinary things. So today, man has restricted his happiness to the extent of his happiness. In the meantime, he has made some reasons for his staying around Ignore it .And always walks behind what does not have to do with it, but is it possible that a person in the world can have everything that he wants or is there a desire to end Can it On the other hand, it is also true that if we learn how to live happily at all times instead of running behind our wishes, then even 24 hours are less, but if a desire is intended for life, it does not feel that it
When the face of our face disappeared after the desire disappeared?
Finally, what are the ways to stay happy or happy to share happiness? Clinical psychologists Just say the right thing: 'The thing you feel good is the zinc energy you can feel positive Energ' and feel free to do and work. If you have a heart to do, be happy with this, an important human attitude, which is influenced by normal life, is also the effect of life. It is also said that happiness is not divided, but it is multiplied by which happiness is increased and The person who is happy can multiply the happiness.
Wishes and happiness:
It is not necessary that you have everything to be happy, but it can be happier to count on the blessings given by Allah. It is possible that any other person has lost you today. It is not true for the happiness that God bless you so much that he has blessed you many people pray for their achievements .It is true that the world I do not have any humanity, no desire, because today you want to get a prominent position in the classroom or you wish to enter a top one university. When these wishes are fulfilled
If you want to get a good relationship with a wedding, then you will want to have a desire after marriage. It is amazing that no desire to make madness and life Do not allow happiness to be sacrificed at any one's wish .If you consider it, it is best to know that it is the easiest way to stay happy because you do not spend money in mockery, so understand the importance of wishes and happiness and to realistic Determine your souls.
Why are not we happy?
1.We have committed ourselves to work like a machine. The better-acquainted human being constantly remains unhappy and depressed. Other than the completion of desires, the other reason is not to show and feel uncomfortable. What is the point of view?
2. Everybody's self-development or circumstance is going to be solved in our own self. We have lost our lives and we are also happy to have a dinner.
3. You have noticed that not just young people but older women and men also go to a party. So all the time would only be done in making pictures. People do not shout to meet people and enjoy the celebration. People like this are quickly suffering from depression.
4. Often, seeing the superior person self-esteem and understanding his things also causes sadness. In our society the disappointment is increasing due to this materialism and the smiles are going to end, so please give thanks to God on the present blessings. Instead of looking at yourself below, no more, because instead of feeling sad about your deprivations, count your blessings.
How to be happy
1. Advertise the mistakes of other people as soon as possible.
2.Everyone should always be positive and if there is any problem then consider the brightest aspects of it.
3. Time with your close friends and relatives and strengthen relationships with them.
4. Hope always, if there is a failing failure, then understand that it will improve for you otherwise Allah does not deal with His slaves everywhere.
5. If wearing a nice dress, do not think that you do not have asciences?
6. If you get a 5-minute break after busy engaging in a day, celebrate it at Sabbath at all times.
7. When anybody comes to you for help or ask you advice, give good advice to the person and help him if possible.
8. Make a contribution to your life style. You will be disappointed with your life.
9. Before sleeping on the day, remember what good work you have done throughout the day, which gives happiness to anyone.
10. Instead of repeating your mistakes, try to lose them and make a plan for a new commitment.
11. Smile and stand in front of the mirror, and thank God's blessings; He has given you healthy physical organs. There are many people in the world who are suffering from any mental or physical disability.
12. Take the time for your choice.
13. Meet the people who are happy for you and you get them free from charge.
14. I am happy to have a franchise rather than being ransom on the League's success.
15. If your child has shown a significant contribution to the class, then it must be absorbed and sealed.
16. Do not follow desires that lead to temporary happiness.
17. When your depression comes to mind, write one's blessings on the nose and see what you have around you No people have to do. The animals are not created; happiness is the name of mental craft and I understand happiness is not being searched but created. We should not wait for happiness but also think that the smallest of life
 How can small moments be made beautiful? If you have a good mobile, then it is delightful. Gain your delight in such a way as the child is pleased with the toys in front of myself. I do the same and I am always happy about my blessings. I think and rejoice in what Allah has given me. The doctor has limited the happiness as our thinking. We think happiness should be happy if there is a chance and opportunity, namely Eid or a birthday, if you wish to live in the fulfillment of desires throughout the year, such people get less chance to live happily .Yesever you learn how to live If you take care of your life, then you will lose your sleep pill and you will not have to sleep for sleeping, then it is also good to wash the dust. It does not get angry at the sound of the baby and the noise of traffic does not cause immersion. Find the happiness: Only those people in the world can be happy who want to be happy.
The doctor is lost in his thoughts. Is a. You can not see the happiness around you. If you have seen something hurt in the child's hand, then she starts laughing and starts playing with it. The example of the sheep is as if the sadness If you want to pay attention to something else in Japanese, then there will be a lot of change in the mood. The music is also a modest way. It is good to listen to your favorite music, but it is also quite influential to turn on moody on-line. You have realized that you are sometimes very beautiful, but after listening to Soft Music, it starts feeling lazy. Soon Fast Music Fast Music) makes you an academy. If the mode is bad or if you are officer officer for some reason, do not listen to the music and the music rendered by your feelings.
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