Obesity- Mental age is more than ten years old

Obesity not only removes the personality, but also the roots of disease, because it also increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, acne and fluid. Therefore, it is said that obesity itself causes many diseases. Now it is also a disease. According to a recent research, those who are overweight, their brain is older than ten years old.
As per the human mind growing, naturally white content appears to end in the information accessory section, but according to the Cambridge University research team, the content of the brain increases the excess weight. That's why 50-year-old man's brain is like a 60-year-old man. Research has revealed how extra weight affects brain. Cambridge Centrifuge and Neurosciences examined 473 people aging 20 to 87, and those individuals were divided into two degrees and thick.
According to the results of research published in the journal of Journal of Neurology, the volume of white material in the brain of smart and smart people is different. While those who are overweight, white material is lower than those of our age-old men.
Researcher Dr. Lisbonnton says it is not yet clear whether obesity damages brain or not. Experts say that this difference is found from older people in older people. Which shows that during this age the human brain is more vulnerable.
Researchers say that the change in apparently structural structure of the mind has been noted but it has not felt any difference on the information or the burden. Therefore, such people need to do more work so that inspect how diseases like dementia begin.
According to experts, obesity is a very complicated and confused problem. We are familiar with many of its implications, but it has a mental effect on the mind and how it takes the brain out of the box. We are in the early stage to know it.
Researcher Sedral Farooqi is a catastrophic that it is important to know that by reducing the weight loss in mind, it can be correct by the weight loss. It is a point for us to have a healthy impact on human mind and health, health and memory.
The lesser knowledge is all that MotoPop has now become a global disaster. There is no magic solution to weight loss, but by changing the style you make a magical change in your personality. Otherwise there is no such thing that people say thick fat, start talking with a brave mind.
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