Old Cough It is better to treat in the early stage

Throat breakdown, throat inflammation, respiration of any kind of infection in respiratory traumatic lungs causes coughing. Cough can take a dangerous shape if it is not cured. Coughs are a few fasting, bourgeois-shaped and dry-up, the different systemic effects of respiratory diseases occur from diseases, along with their medical treatments, some simple and horses are also very useful. Generally speaking, it is usually three weeks. Some other types of coughs sometimes take a long time to recover, however, coughs may be of any type of disorder caused by any type of respiratory system respiratory system. Cough can take a dangerous shape when it is not cured. In the case of constant lungs in lungs, bronchitis is born of infants and in the initial stage the patient is coughed. If there is no correct treatment at the next phase, the lungs are stored in the lungs. Such lunch apparatus can not be performed like this.
Weather and caution:
Patients suffering from respiratory pneumonia need to be very cautious before the start of the season and spring season, because the lumps collected in lung ducts become a glimpse of nausea germs, where they get rapid growth. This lymph is sometimes not exhausted in the form of severe cough, keeps the trains and often causes lungs to kill deadly infections.
Methods to avoid bronchitis:
It is very important to avoid moisturative proportion of respiratory diseases and coughs. In this, the moisture kit should be between 45 to 60 percent in the bedroom. Treatment of herbal-prepared tea and chronic cough and herbal lungs prove to be very useful.
Desi prescription against cough:
To break the cough cough, it is very important to save the throat from scratch, so avoid pneumatic intake and to prevent sore throat from getting herbal pills prepared. Losing fatty fat in the chest comes very relaxed and its heat helps in cleaning lungs stored in lung ducts. With a lace of lime, the chest of the towers is also relaxed in the cough. Mixing honey in hot milk cleanses the lungs. Nourishing and throat inflammation reduces the drainage of salt and the moisture of hot salt.
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