Seasonal skin diseases

In the winter, where nausea, coldness, cough, fever infection etc. and other diseases are ziaah, there is very significant weather in this case as well as early diseases. There are many such diseases that are severely caught in this season and Exclusively careful and timely treatment can be interfere with respect. In the first instance, the disease that will be done with the most commonly occurring diseases is atopic Dermatitis.
 It is usually the family's disease, in which people's family Exercise and spinal cord infections are often high in the form of asthma allergic sticks. Usually small children start in small but may also be older. The skin's skin is happy and there is an intense irritation, resulting in wounds and infections spread. The cold work, as the skin drys even more. Therefore, for this reason, this disease is intensely intense, for the mothers, chronic tips are to keep the baby's skin short, the best thing for them is white petroleum jelly, which is also called simple vessel in a common form.
Use normal germs to treat normalized soap because they quickly and dry, nor should they ever add germs in water, etc. Additionally, simple vessels on the wet body should be mixed so that the body remains safe before the body moisture. In particular, do not be in front of Haitria's fire because it also reduces condolences.
 These measures are also for growth and also for those who are not purely populated but naturally dry their skin. Such people There should be caution in the winter season. Apart from this, the diseases of the winter also increase in the winter season. The Over Crowding has become more frequent since the last episode, the most important disease is the scary scabies. This vagina is swollen when the boil grows rapidly, but also the whole family, but sometimes it takes the whole village around. This disease is a small insect that scables Mite spreads from what is called and transfers with each other, handling one another and removing each other's clothes and bedding etc.
 This is especially excessive as it is in the night, as may also be an external syrup. Apart from hands 'arm' legs and special organs, can be filled with peppers in severe cases. I spread it very quickly and can face my face. As it is obvious, we have to treat all the households with a cough, and the outer shouldter does not end. If a person in the house is too exhausted, then let everyone cry whether he is hazardous Use the medicine as per the instructions of the doctor, because the bacterium or kidney is reached everywhere. If the person who is home to a person can not afford to be depressed, he may become a liar for the rest of the family.
In case of any kind of hurry, please refer quickly. By using different tubes etc. by believing on home appliances and listening, there is more likely to cause harm and discomfort. Some people who are dry and sensitive also need special care during the winter season. Different types of chemicals Save soap and detergent etc.
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