Sex heart does not cause closure

Sex heart does not cause closure

In a recent study in the United States, it has been said that a case of cardiac arrest in men is compared to women, but its main reason is not sex.

Yet, 4557 cases of heart closure have been reported, out of which 34 cases have been reported during or during an hour and their victims include 32 men.

Somity Charg of America's Cedarar Heart Heart Institute says that for the first time in his research, the sex has been seen as an effective motive for heart failure.

This research has been presented at a meeting of the U.S. Heart Association.

The heart stops when it gets damaged and it suddenly stops or closes its work. Due to this, the patient becomes unconscious and closes breathing and it can be fatal if the CPR is not treated immediately. CPR is a medical emergency, which involves stroke in the mouth and presses the chest repeatedly.

This case differs from having a heart attack, because it causes blood supply to some parts of the heart.

Earlier, it was learned that the process of sex could take a heart attack, but it did not have the first knowledge of the closure of heart.

Heart Facts

About 90% of people die in the case of heart closure outside the hospital
If CPR decreases or does not occur on the heart muscle norm, hope to survive every minute after 10 minutes decreases
If the CPR is used during the first few minutes of the closure of the band, the person doubts the expectation of the survival, the cumulative increase increases.
During CPR, press your chest with a rate of 100 to 120 compression per minute
The doctor and his colleagues from California studied the heartbreaking matters between the year 2002 to 2015 in Portland, USA, Oregon state.

The process of sex came in less than one percent of the cases. The vast majority of those who were in the middle of the African American race middle-aged men who had a heart attack.

This study also found that CPR was used in just a third of the cases, though the matter appeared before their partner.

Dr. Chagha said: 'This discovery shows the importance of creating awareness about CPR in any case that anyone can use them in any case of heart disease.'

He said that this shows that people should be told about how to get CPR.

Another study states that it can also teach a six-year-old child. The British Heart Foundation says after a heart attack or heart surgery, the patient should avoid sex from four to six weeks.
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