Surprising Ways Strawberries Can Benefit Your Health

Strawberry's Latin name is Fragaria Anamassa. It was planted in Rome in 200 BC, while in recent history, France was the first country, which later planted strawberry crops in the late 19th century. Stackerie nowadays, in many regions of the world with high temperatures Farmers are cultivated mostly. Strawberry is headed by antioxidant sources, which is why strawberry is widely used in eating food items such as ice cream jam jelly, scouting, sweets chocolates and even medication of strawberry strawberry. Flavor is added.
The taste of strawberry strawberry is very healthy and healthy due to the abundance of its nutrients. Due to a low amount of acids, it keeps eating stomach. There is 85 grams and cereals only in a strawberry strawberry and only 45 in the strawberry. Haiti 'C "protects the cholesterol loss. It reduces blood by reducing the level of blood thickening. Strawberry also helps in removing fatigue. The strawberry contains flavonides which are being supplied. Some old diseases that include cancer of high blood pressure and bone weakness The silicone body in the strawberry is very useful for the body's fibers and nerves. It enhances the level of feminine hormone in the yarn women's body, which makes women feel comfortable.
Strawberry is also useful for dental health, a piece of dough on the tooth smell gives them a solid thickness. They use hunger to grow, and moisture in lungs is dry due to dry cough. This pads also get relief from the psychiatrist. There are 20 different ingredients that contain aged growth in strawberry, which include zinc (culicum), chromium and mechanism. Calcium is also found in the strawberry and nutrients. There is also fiber which causes sugar levels lower than cholesterol. Strawberry is also useful for liver.
A strawberry contains at least 13% Radiosi diabetes. It is extremely useful for digestive system. Along with this, it helps in reducing the blood pressure. The Strawberry is also a combination of chemical compoundfinals, such as Anti-Oxygen Dent It works. This anti-oxygen dent does not allow your acidic acid to be excessive in your body, which you feel hungry. Therefore, those who do not feel hungry use strawberry. Anti-inflammatory particles present in the strawberry take you away from bone diseases such as osteotherathitis arthritisosis etc. The presence of a vitamin C shows that many diseases in Strawberry She was shaking. The presence of anti-oxygen dent and anti-flamatrium creates immunity against cancer. Eating 3 to 4 strawberries daily protects the person's eyes from being weak. Potassium vitamins in strawberry and magnesium are very important in keeping the bones healthy. Strawberry is also known as a friend-friendly fruit soon because it eats skin quickly. It has the ability to swallow the skin, it is necessary for its juice or a mattress to be put in a particular place. Smoothness will decrease and produce nausea. Swelling it on the eyes like a drowsiness. It is far away. This fruit is a magnetic body and produces blood. There is a digestion in the digestive digestive system. It does not allow heavy water in the body. The coconut gives the coconut useful to the intestinal inflammation. It is also useful for sugar. It has been done. For those patients, they are used for frequent psychiatric patients. Preferred measures should be avoided due to diarrhea of ​​kidney leaves and divergence.
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