The natural method of saving cold and cough

Cold winter Warm clothes have come out of the closet and pulled out the box, donkeys and blankets. People have also started eating dry fruits. Women have made a list of things like eating, which will be better and useful in the weather.
The weather that affects the weather becomes anxiety. Household sloppy women know tips on preventing these seasonal diseases, so they also follow them. Medicines are also available on the medical store for preventing these diseases, but consumers are able to buy nutritious coconuts in the house, so that they can deduct the baby, and can make Kazakh. Some of them are realistic in such a way that their intensity reduces in less time.
People usually choose to carry the life of Hitinene (Vitamin C) to avoid chronic nausea. This biochemistry enhances the nausea and our strength also increases in defense. The best way to get the life cycle is canoe and orange. Eating bounces in the day can prevent normal hemorrhage and cough. Apart from this, the chicken coconut is also useful for removing the skin, which people like to drink in the season. Drinking it, throat cough and inflammation also stops, and then relaxing with wound acne.
Drinking warm tea in the winter, especially green tea, the throat remains clean and the fat is also removed. Green tea drinkers get calcium. It is also possible to drink water in the body due to drinking water. It also reduces the amount of water in the body by drinking tea. Drinking it cough ends.
Do not ignore the hooks kept in the kitchen, because it has a specialty to fight germs. The easiest way to cook garlic is to take some of the gourd garlic and chopped green peppers, fried leaves and salt and make it sauce. This sauce is not only fun, but also eliminates the nausea juice. Garlic or indefinite foods keep in mind the cold temperatures remain in the cold season. Garlic and saltwater ingredients are also beneficial.
If a little bamboo mixture in the hot water baked with coconut, the balm combines the batter. Take care of the skeleton when you take the reward, so that your face should remain on steam instead of steaming. Apart from chest flaws, the flowing nose also stops. After taking away the wallet or a blanket, it is necessary to turn on the cabinets. If kidneys are chilled, take a little amount of calf and chest on the chest, they will be comforted.
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