Top Ways To Increase Brain Power & Think Like a Genius

If the body is mentally weak, it is not possible to progress in the world or imagine the bright future, but there is no magic tablet available to increase the mental ability, but some foods can be perfected. Some nutrition protects mental functions with mental retardation, while helping to concentrate during a task.
Nutrients are rich in nutrients such as keeping healthy heart healthy and protecting physical vomiting and it is the only skin that is full of alpha lanolic acid. It helps in raising food during the component, which effectively provides oxygen supply to the brain. According to a research conducted at an Alzheimer's International Conference in 2010, using nutrients improves the memory, while there is a positive impact on some learning skills.
Olive Oil:
Olive oil is a mixture of the best ingredients that slow down the progress of the brain. According to an American study of Burgam and Women's Hospital, olive oil is a result of fatigue that slowly develops mental growth, as well as using olive oil instead of butter provides long-term health care as well. But other advantages on the physical health are different.
Strawberry or blobryes are any longer used to slow down the process of digestion in memory such as memory and focus. According to a study published in the journal of the Encyclopedia of the Neurology, Blue Barries, Strawberries and other uses slow-hearted tediousness in middle-aged women, which does not affect memory growth even during the course of a work. The ability to concentrate also persists.
Coffee-cured caffeine improves brain senses. Effecting caffeine's brain, as well as anti-oxidants present in it help maintain mental health, according to Risk Research reports, the world's most popular drinks were also useful for depressing depression or depression. Is.
In the spinach, anti-oxidants, known as Lutenist, are found in large quantities that help prevent mental drainage. According to Howard Medical School, a researcher who uses more of female adolescents and vegetable vegetable vegetables is very low, it has very little rate of drainage, especially those who like to run away from this delicious vegetable. Do it
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