Try 6 Things for Sleep Better

Due to lack of sleep or clock inside our body, body block can also be caused by diseases such as depression and bi-polar disorders. So it is very important to understand the need for good sleep.

The question is to do so that sleep is not disrupted.
Set the evening light limit
The use of mobile phones and laptops is becoming normal in those days. Many people watch hours and movies on laptops, but little know that doing so makes our sleep worse.

These electronic devices leave a particularly light blue light. Due to this light, the malotonean hormone in the body does not recover properly. This is a hormone that is responsible for sleep
In addition to the blue light, the evening should be reduced at home, especially in bedroom lighting sources. This can be done with the help of a lamp. Dark curtains can also be used to darken the bedroom.

Keep the time bound
The night before the weekend makes a lot of awakening for a long time but the time restriction is necessary to maintain good sleep.

Every day gold is helpful at the same time. The higher the risk of daily sleeping time the health will be the more dangerous.

Dreams are comfortable
It is common for many people to be scattered around the bed around the bed and other things, but if we want to sleep good sleep, it is very important to understand that your sleeping room is as comfortable as the sleep is as good as sleep. Will come.

It is better to keep phones, laptops and other electronic trains in another room. Instead of alarming the phone should buy an alarm clock.

The cooling room also plays an important role. Gold is more convenient for the body in a cool environment than hot.

Our bodyclock works according to the hours of sun rising and down. But many of us are not able to take full advantage of daylight due to sleep for a long time.

Opening morning curtain lets you get more light of the day.

If you can do the morning, exercise should be done. By doing so good sleep is good at night.

Sleeping work
If you do everything you do before sleep, the body is aware that it is time to sleep.

Reading books, listening to music, and doing something like this.

The body itself will start to sleep as soon as you start them.
Most parents do the same with children. Many parents breastfeed or nourish them before they are tasted. They often tell stories before sleeping.

By doing this every day, the child's body becomes habitual and the body understands that it is time to sleep.

Stay away from caffeine
You must have felt that sleeping late last night flows away. This is because of caffeine in coffee.

But caffeine is not just enough, but also tea and many cold drinks.

Tea or coffee drinks in the evening can affect your sleep because the effect of caffeine remains on our body for five to nine hours.
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