UK: increase cocaine use

Britain's data agency said that the country's use of drug addiction has increased by 29 percent.

Especially the use of drugs called Cocaine, Finant and Miffondone is increasing, which are imported from China illegally to the Dark Web.

The workers working against drug use say that the government should take steps in this regard.

Last year, cocaine increased, whereas the use of heroin and mortar users came to see the decline.

In 2017, in the year 2017, 3756 people in England and Wales came to death in the use of illegal drugs.

According to the institution, two-thirds of them were caused by misuse of mortal drugs.

The number of people who died in the UK has 66 in a million, which is three times more than the EU.

The most dangerous drug addiction is the second cocaine, due to which 432 people wash their hands in 2017.

Earlier this year, Security Secretary Ben Wales said that the UK is rapidly becoming the largest consumer of cocaine in Europe.

According to the latest data, England's north-eastern part is more affected, and there is 83 per cent of the deaths in the drug's hands, as the lowest rate in London is the lowest.

"The government has no place to hide," said Marcan Paul of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation. They are responsible for the death of the victims. '

They accused politicians that they block the law of such legislation, or do not provide funds, which are helping to save lives in other countries.
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