Will not you need liver Transplant

Will not you need liver Transplant ?

Edinburgh's scientists say that if a liver suddenly worsens, no longer transplant or podcasting will be needed. If there is a problem in the liver, there is a natural ability to fix it.

But some cases damage the liver's natural abilities such as a dangerous injury on the liver which uses more medicines.
This treatment is from a cancerous drug that makes the liver's natural abilities the same as the first.

This research is in the early stages, but the team of scientists says that this substance of pondering will have a major impact on liver disease patients.
Every year in Britain, around 2,500 people suffer from liver disease.

Twenty-eight-year-old student Nurse Carat Watts needed a liver transplant two years ago. When their nature was damaged and the face started getting yellow, then it came to know that there is a problem in the liver which is going on increasing.

He was told at the Edinburgh's hospital that he needs liver cancer. Kara Wat says it was a bad news for them.

A team of scientists has begun investigating why in the last few weeks the liver loses the natural ability to cure itself.

After the research, it came to know that the liver caused a weakness in liver due to injury. In this process liver cells begin to grow old and can not work properly. According to a report published in a scientific journal, it has also been found that there is also a chemical signal.

After that, scientists tested cancer on mice, which block these signals.
Scientists are now planning to do this on human beings, which will not require the need for digestive liver.

Dr. Thomas Bird, one of the researchers of the University of Edinburgh, says that the beauty of this treatment is that if you have suffered a serious injury, you also have a normal life after this treatment.

He says that this treatment will be tested on patients suffering from severe illness of liver and we will see if we can treat people without diarrhea of ​​liver.

They say that with the help of people like Caravan Wat, we can push this research forward.

This team of scientists, including experts from the Bat-Sun Institute of Science, is also researching whether these cells or signals affect other organs other than liver, which cause them to be inadequate.
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