Cancer cases increase worldwide

Cancer cases increase worldwide

A recent report has been announced that one million and eight million people worldwide will suffer from cancer and 96 million people will die from this disease.

This is done by Prague International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is taking over 36 types of cancer in 185 countries.

The report states that compared to 2012, these figures have increased. In 2012, more than 41 million people were suffering from cancer in 2012, while 82 million people died from this disease. The report states that its major reason is to increase the population of the world and increase the age.

According to the latest figures, one of the five male and every six in your life will suffer from this disease.

The report states that as people are becoming rich, they are increasing their chances of cancer due to their lifestyle.

Researchers say although although the process of collecting information about cancer has improved, it has failed to prevent cancer and reduce its mortality rate.

The latest report further states that lung cancer, breast cancer in women and intestinal cancer is the highest.


Researchers say that women in the 28 countries are getting the most from lung cancer. These countries include America, Hungary, Denmark, China and New Zealand.
George Baterworth, Cancer Research UK says, 'Tobacco is the biggest reason why women are suffering from lung cancer. In Britain, women start smoking more often after men and therefore we are seeing cancer cases. "

He said that now smoking is increasing in women of low and medium income countries and aggressive advertising is affecting these women by the smoking industry.

Dr Frieddy Bad, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, says this research has shown that the implementation of the same policy will be implemented on the same policy to control smoking.

Most of Asia

It has been reported that half of the population of the people who died in cancer and those who died, will be Asia. This is because the population is very high in continent Asia and the other is that many types of cancer infections are common in Asia.

Researchers say Asia is especially common in the region of liver cancer in China.
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