Due to lack of exercise, every fourth person in the world is at risk: World Health Organization

Due to lack of exercise, every fourth person in the world is at risk: World Health Organization

Experts say there is a lot of success in mobilizing people to live healthy lives around the world, and people of higher income countries demand slow and relaxing.

World Health Organization says one billion people in the world - a billion 40 million people do not exercise physical exercise.

Due to lack of physical exercise, they are in danger of getting rid of diseases like acne cancer, ذیابطیسس, and various types of cancer.

Experts say that compared to 2001, the situation has improved, but still the public needs to rely on exercise.

People of the richest rich countries of the world are more slow, while in Asia, in addition to two regions, women around the world are very lazy.

The World Health Organization surveyed 358 people from 168 countries across the world.

How much exercise should I do?
To stay healthy, one-hour-old exercises or 75-minute hard work should be done every week.

At least two days a week should be exercised by all the muscles of the body.

Work lightweight while sitting longer.

What is a lot of exercise?
Fast running, swimming, smooth or high-speed cycles, playing tennis, grassing in the garden, hiking, volleyball and basketball toy, is a lot of exercise.

Who are the toughest exercises?
Joking or fasting, swimming swimming, running fast cycling, football, rugby, jumping rope, playing hockey and martial arts etc.

Muscle strengthening exercises
Weight lifting, such exercise which is raised by body weight, such as extravagance, sitting room, gardening, yoga etc.

According to the survey, in the United States and Britain, the number of non-immigrants in 2001 has increased from 32% to 37% now, whereas the rate of low income countries is 16%.

In this review, those people have been declared immersed, who do not work hard for roughly 75 minutes a week or almost a half-hour exercise.

Germany and New Zealand have increased their number of exercises.

Women are more slow than men, but women of East and Southeast Asia are more vibrant than other Asian and rich Western countries.

Researchers say that these women have more reasons for mobility, such as more child care and social behavior, which are more dynamic.

In the UK, there was 36 percent of the non-exercise exercise in the UK, up to 32 percent of men and 40 percent of women.

Experts say that there is a lot of relaxation in countries with high income, due to relaxing jobs, services and dishes on vehicles.

People are less vibrant because of low-income countries due to difficult jobs and public transport usage.

Countries in which people do the least exercise.

Kuwait 67%
Saudi Arabia 53%
Iraq 52%
The countries where people are the least comfortable.

Mozambique and Uganda six percent
Experts say that the government should promote infrastructure such as sports, cycling activities.

Dr. Melody Deng says the economic development has changed due to economic growth, and in such a way the government wants to create more opportunities, which can promote the trend of people in people.
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