The best vegetable and beneficial of Pumpkin

The best vegetable and beneficial medicine
Nutrition-friendly Pattern Pumpkin is being used as food and medicine for centuries.There are very few varieties in it. I call it a dog or a white pumpkin, while there are several names in English such as Winter Melon, Ash Gourd, White White Pumpkin and Gourd etc. Its Latin name Cerifera Beninkasa and it belong to the Cucurbitaceae family .Janmana is cultivated by ancient ancient India as 'New China' in New Guinea.
 It has been used in China for 200 years as Preserving Gourd The fruit of the pudding pumpkin 'Flowers' seeds'' root are used most of the nutrients .andia 'used it as vegetable in Pakistan It also produces candy or pepper .It makes soup in China and Taiwan .It also has a drink that is available in the market called Winter Melom Tea .The length is 25 to 40 cm long, its shape is round by round And inside is gourmet and spicy.
 The taste of the dairy is sweet while the cooked flavor is Bland. The green is green and fierce because it has natural vex coating above which causes the shelf life of the fruit. It can be done without a refrigerator store for 12 months .With the ting of the digital vex, it also gives the Wax gourd ear. 2 to 50kg. The characteristics of the palm are 'Bukhari' and 'Ama', 'Umrah' and 'Taqsh-e-Bilam', the 'Pizar-e-Pul' is a fever and a tank. The Pudding Pumpkin is called Natural Healer. It is used to treat HIV and conventional nutrients such as Tank. IQ behavior is also used for the treatment of insantiy Paranoia.
It is also used to treat 96% of water in the pudding. Therefore, its use does not increase the weight due to metabolism. Increases the bucket rate and prevents sugar from being consumed in fat, as it stains its digestive and elasticity. Sweet dish made by a hairdresser is a physical weakness and a weakening and increases weight) has also been found useful for treating pesticide diseases (asthma) and kidney stones.
The workshop is a violet .The blood pressure does not give rise and extracts the raw material. According to the study, alcoholic alcoholic solutions have ankle antinociceptive and dough fever in the alkali solution .The dry and dry fruits of the dough for treating blood deficiency A tea spoon is used with Butter milk and its effectiveness has been effective in eliminating the Maternal Nucleic Acester, Natural Diar or (Diarrhea). This one, they also have proved that the antioxidant compounds found in fruits, which are also protected by alzaymrbymary. According to a research, diarrhea cancer Terpenes are also found in the fruit. Pumpkin pumpkin is especially popular in use of sweets .It removes the face and the blemishes of face and gives humidity and relaxation to the skin .User treatment in India Its juice is used .
Just's characteristics are used for treatment of pumpkin juice, which is used to cure many diseases .Chronic fatigue and remedies .Chronic fatigue and remedies. Diabetes' It is best for digestive and ulcer treatment .The nausea mouth removes stomach acidity and swelling .Chronic Poisoning and snake cutting In case the effective antidote is .Photo 'nausea' 's inflammation of the fever and nose' s inflammation converts Sinusitis. Fixes the cure, fixing its juice in hair ends the skin and makes the hair shine .Jesus The use of urine burns the urinary trains .She prevents bleeding from falling from the palm juice.
Products the pain of teeth and thieves in the palm juice. This process also protects the mouth from cancer .Jesus uses the brain for the brain. And as nervous stimuli .The seeds' properties include fat 'protein' salts' carbohydrates' fibers and vitamins. Also says .The brain contraction kills pestilence and stomach insects' urine '' dwarf fever 'occupy Khasha Kishim Samson and Tank.' According to earlier research, antiangiogenic goodness is found in seeds of acne .According to research, Uses the abdominal insects .Use the shadow used for cough. Boiling the seeds in a normal oil, it makes hair growth and nutritious fertilizer .The seed is also applied to the spinach. 'Urine .Used the raw material .Using the ceramic cholera to reduce laserol' 'urine and kidney disease For the use of seeds in medicines .They are useful for removing the physical temperature of the individual properties .Keeping the fatigue and thirsty abundance also is used .Judha is used for the treatment of Suzuki Gonorrrhoea.
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