Can a lot of green tea use cancer?

Can a lot of green tea use cancer?

Jim McNantt started taking green tea capsules in acne age so that they can be healthy but BBC's Tastine Quin writes that now their doctors say Jim needs the operation to change his liver.

On the occasion of graduation ceremony of his son, the gym is seen rather than happy. In this Hall of American State Deals, she was sitting with her wife Catholine when her face felt that there was a problem. When the doctors diagnosed, they found that they had liver cancer.

Doctors diagnosed the disease while dismissing alcohol in the causes of cancer. Because gymnastics were not drunk. Doctors also rejected the effects of medicines because they were not using any medication for a long time.

Then a liver therapist asked if Jim does not use any extra diet?

Damage rather than profit
Jim started taking green tea capsules to cure the problems that occurred in the age of cold age. Someone had told him that he had good effects on the heart disease. In recent years, this kind of additional medicines have been popular in people because they are being presented as 'Anti-Accident' and 'effective food loss' in online advertising.

After almost two months of taking green tea capsules, Jim started feeling sick of himself. Even though they were healthy, before and for a period of 30 to 60 minutes in five to six days a week. The apparent cause of disease was reported in the liver.

'When I came to know, it was a blow to me, so far I believed that only such green tea capsules used to benefit only and I never heard of their loss.'

What are green tea capsules?

In Western countries, capsules and tablets are common, which include green tea extract. Because they do not have to take water to heat and make drinks to make them, so people eat capsules and tablets instead of drinking tea to get the benefits of green tea.

What is in green tea capsules that after some food, it started hurting some people?

Scientists certainly do not know anything about it. Green tea is being drinking for thousands of years, so supplements or other such foods are seen as food items in Europe and American laws and they are not counted on medicines.

This means that experiments do not have any implicit effects on green tea-made capsules. Therefore, scientific information about green tea and capsules are incomplete.

Professor Herbert Bonsersky, professor of liver disease at North East Carolina's Vac Forest University School of Medicine Hospital, says that if you drink moderate quantities or less green tea, it will not be harmful, but most often the liver can harm liver. Is.

Professor Bonsersky has investigated many incidents in the last 20 years, which has caused wounds in liver because of the use of green tea.

Their research center has been on an element of green tea capable of being toxic, called ap galvanine chen 3 gallat or eGCG. At the same time, anti-cognitive kate chains are found. There may be several reasons for an individual to harm EGC, which may have genetic factors and how green tea you use.

Dr. Bonsersky says people usually use green tea medicines to lose weight, so they do not eat food. 'After research on animals, we have found that in active animals, the quantity of kate chin is more than fat animals. Therefore, other factors are also used in its effects, such as other medicines, drinking habits, or other food etc.

What are Anti Accident?
Anti-Oxygen is usually the oxygen breaker. Actually, there are chemical factors all over the body due to which oxygen is born. Oxygen is useful for the body, but a certain type of oxygen is known as 'free radical', causing breakdown of cells within the cells such as iron ornaments.

That's why the free radicals have become the world's largest market of anti-oxidation products, whose volume is now being told a little dollar.

A common theory is that the same breakdown of free radicals results in human growth.

Green tea is said to contain anti-oxidants that help in eliminating these free radicals.

Moderate need
At this time millions of people around the world are drinking green tea, but so far 80 such incidents have been reported, which cause excessive foods of green tea due to liver cancer. Some of these events have to change the liver. In this type of incident, people from the age of 81 were also ill.

The EU's Food Safety Authority said in its research that Kate Chen in green tea is usually preserved for the human body, but if its quantity is more than 800 mm per day, it can cause problems for health. Are there

This authority did not tell incomplete data about how much quantity of kettle was taken by healthy life .
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