Can a tablet of vitamin keep you away from the doctor ?

Can a tablet of vitamin keep you away from the doctor ?

Research shows that more than half of us use a variety of vitamins or her phony tablets everyday.

Most people using these bullets do not use it due to any illness or physical weakness, but with the belief that they will improve their health.

Due to the availability of so many vitamins and multivitamin vitamins in the market, it does not usually know which to use and which are not used.

You need 13 different types of vitamins to stay healthy, but should it be taken in form of supplements or bullet and powder?

Vitamins are two types. A fat solve that is inside your body and another water soluble that excludes extra quantity of your body after getting the necessary amount.

Vitamin A, D, E, and Vitamin A type of fat are included.

Such vitamins keep your body inside, but if you take it as high as possible, it is not useful for your health. For such vitamins it is necessary not to take excessive excess.

Water soluble vitamins does not keep your body inside them, so they have to use regularly and if you use it in excess, they exit your body in urine, but vitamins B. It is such a water soluble vitamins that absorb into your liver.

Some multi-vitamins include zinc, iron and calcium. All these ingredients are usually combined with your diet. But if your body has a specialty of zinc, iron or calcium, then you can accomplish it through these vitamins.

Calcium is required to strengthen our body bones. One day you should have seven hundred millimeters of calories.

Zinc improves your immune and digestive system. Women need seven millimeters and men five million yards each day, while iron generates oxygen in your blood. Women need to be eighteen eight and seven times seven men seven times a day.

Experts believe that if your diet is balanced then you will get all these vitamins by eating, but according to a recent study, those who do not have a balanced diet are not able to cure their diet or vitamin or supplements. Let's turn

If people focus on their diet instead, they will not need vitamins.
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