Is the vegetable useful for you?

Is the vegetable useful for you?

In recent years, vegetables have grown rapidly in vegetables, which are major reasons for health concerns, animal welfare and environmental protection.

There are two terms in English for such people: 'Widgetarian' and 'Wagon' Widgeters are those who do not eat meat but use eggs, dairy and milk. Wagon cutters on the other hand are vegetables and everything that comes from animal including eggs, donkeys, milk, and even honeys.

The UK has increased four times the number of hardcore vegetables in the past four years.

Is it really a benefit?

The BBC program, 'Believe me, I am a doctor,' Dr. Gilles Yay, himself, became a vegetable vegetable for a month, to see what impact he had and how difficult it was.

Dr. Yi found out that it is not easy to know which animal products are included and no.

Eggs, milk and meat are clearly visible from animals, but there are some types of pasta and beverages which they did not know that their animals are animals.

On the other hand there was a fear that vegetable foods should not lack the necessary food ingredients needed for the body.

One such component is Vitamin D which is not found in vegetable. In order to get the necessary amount, Dr. Yu has to eat forty-fat soy milk, malta juice and cereal.

Apart from this, the lack of iodine is another problem that can cause problems for the treating of the milk. The supplement will also have to be used for this.

This is the case of Vitamins B12. It does not occur in vegetables, seeds or dry fruits, so they also have to supplement.

Does it affect the health?

A recent study showed that the vegetables are really useful for health.

It is learned that vegetarians or cutter vegetarians reduce heart disease and cancer risk, but there is no difference in the risk of death overall.

In other words, vegetable is not longer than usual, but life goes healthy.

But here the question arises: Is this really the difference due to vegetable or is it something else?

People who are so worried about their health that they lose meat, they are much better considering their health. Therefore, there may be no relation with their diet.

So what about Dr. Yu?

After a month's hardening vegetable, they lost four kg. Apart from this, their cholesterol also fell 12 percent.

Will they continue to eat vegetables now?

They say, 'Not entirely, but it is intended that every day I will eat vegetables.'

'I have to admit that I was initially a little worried about one month's vegetable issue. But then I learned a few prescriptions, and then I started to enjoy it. '

However, they also say that 'I felt the lack of eggs most.'
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