Is there a diagnosis and treatment of a disease called endometriosis associated with a large number of women?

Is there a diagnosis and treatment of a disease called endometriosis associated with a large number of women?

I was 14 years old when I started to suffer very painful. I used to use hot stripes in school so that I could spend my day. Sometimes it used to make a difference.

But sometimes I was lying on bed like sickness, where people on the rape fail to give me any suggestion to deal with this pain because I had already dropped my appendix.

After passing this severe pain for ten years, I have now entered the stage of diagnosis of 'Endometriosis'. But despite a lot of effort, even after many medical examinations, this disease, its diagnosis and treatment is out of control.

Endometriosis is a disease related to menstrual, in which many tissues similar to the baby's layer are found in many parts of the body, such as visas, nails and stomachs. In some rare cases, it is found in tissues eyes, brains and lungs too. The body is the only part of the body in which it is not tissue. Symptoms of this disease include severe stomach pain, intensity of fatigue and menstrual intensity.
The count of the endometriosis is in some of the diseases that lack research. About 17 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. In many other countries including America, one of the ten women is suffering from this disease. In order to research this disease, about $ 6 million research funds are required every year.

Endometriosis does not feel pain only.

According to a research conducted in ten countries, every patient suffering from this disease has to spend about 730,000 euros annually for their health care. This disease is also associated with depression. The patient may also suffer from other diseases.
"We have evidence that can help prove that severe pain affects your central nervous system," says Oxford University's Pan Fellow Katie Vincent. The basic symptoms of this disease have severe pain in the absence of physical causes.

The disease is believed to be that scientist Carl Van Rothansky discovered it in 1860. However, the matter is controversial because before that even records of this disease discovery have been found.

Endometriosis is also associated with a disease called historiacia, which is derived from the Latin word used for infantry. According to a study related to pain-related pain, there are many cases that can be declared as histories can be endorphin.

In the past, misconceptions about the disease have been diagnosed with the latest medicine.

Compared to other diseases where less research has been done, there is less understanding of it. No reason for endometriosis. She has no cure. Its discovery takes about ten years, and it is diagnosed with surgery only through leprosy-copy.
I talked about the disease of three to twenty-five women who have recently diagnosed endometriosis. The three women were diagnosed with an illness, while symptoms were also rejected.

31-year-old Alice Stanenham says she never misses that any doctor has used the word 'endometriosis' word or correct questions about her case.

The real problem is how to reduce the pain while the most important sign of this disease is pain.

'I tested myself when I had to do the internal ultra-sound scan that was not very painful and I also informed the doctors about it. I received the Scan Report postage, which wrote that the patient had to face a slight problem during the scan.

Feel the pain of the pain and there is no mutual understanding of the condition of an individual. No method of evaluation of this disease can be prescribed, except the doctor who can diagnose the symptoms of the patient's symptoms accurately. But many signs in women's case are rejected by saying that this is all in your mind
It is amazing that according to a survey conducted by the British government, 40 percent of 2600 women suffering from endometriosis had to go to the doctor at least ten times before sending them to any specialist.

31 year old Bordenham and Crystal Rodri Gaz were also upset due to severe pain.

The 24-year-old Katalin Cones, who writes the blog as 'My Endometriotic Diary', diagnosed this disease through research, while the doctor dismissed the presence of the disease in Catalan.

He said: "Three years ago I had to go to a quick care center." I was researching on Google for a variety of reasons, one of which was metamorphosis, I told the doctor about this, but they said, no, that's not definitely endometriosis. I told the doctor that I have severe pain during menstrual periods, besides, there is pain in the process, but they still said, 'No!'

Sometimes doctors fail to diagnose the disease in early scans. There are examples of incorrect ultrasound on many topics talking on this disease.
Diagnosis can also be late due to absence of awareness about this disease. There are still many menstruation tips, women who talked about this, they say that they are aware of the pain during the period, but they do not know how much pain May be severe
There are many campaigns around the world in order to enhance awareness about endometriosis, and their efforts have been quite successful.

In the year 2017, the Australian government launched the National Action Plan for Endatriosis, aimed at improving and improving the disease. Under this plan, $ 5 billion Australian dollar funds were collected, which was intended to make the disease part of the basic health professional education.

The British Government's Advisory Council and the National Institute for Health and Care (Nice) released the instructions on this disease.

Aini Kanoli, women's health expert at the Royal College of GP, admitting the initiative of Nice, said that doctors have already had many instructions on it.

Loan Hamlisau, chief executive of the World Endomorphacy Society, says the number of special centers set up for the disease worldwide is also a major issue.

It is still an effective treatment of some patients in the patient's treatment of patients. This year I told a doctor that he diagnosed the endometriosis in the patient, but we could not do anything even if the patient was pregnant. This is wrong because it can only be symptoms of endometriosis during pregnancy.
The result of research conducted in Denmark in 2016 showed that women using contraceptive drugs are more likely to depression.

Another treatment of this disease is to be stopped, but it can not be reversed for longer periods of time because it can also damage the bones. Many women who strieve men through various drugs and injections, in fact they do not know much about it. However, research is being made to know its potential alternative.

Professor Creina Zododone, professor of reproductive system at Oxford University, says that focus on hormones with endorrhea is focused on hormones, but we need to do something else because we know that many women do not affect it. While there are many hazardous effects and women are not happy with this experience for a long time.
Painted medicine is another option, although it only reduces pain, but it is not treated with disease and it is not even clear from the implicit effects.

Stanham said that he has been using prank drugs since three years, due to which he is now suffering from anemia and high blood pressure. He says he used to run around five kilometers every week but now there is a stairs to get water to take water so it seems that I am participating in marathon.

Despite this, Buddhenham feels lucky by using these medicines because they know that eating excessive pediatric medicines can also lead to drug addiction.

The profile of this disease is increasing and attempts to make people aware about it have also increased. Where patients are waiting for more dynamic medical systems, the current symptoms of this disease are still considered incorrectly and this disease is attributed to the serious consequences of mental and physical health.

"After knowing that the brain control medicines have affected my mental health badly, my next step is now to make sure that I start my treatment with low dosage of the Marina Kyle Hormone or treat her through leprosy-copy." Keep on

'But with leprosy-copy healthcare requires several weeks and with the slightest job of a freelancer I need to save more money. This is another example that women suffering from adolescents have to face difficult chances on daily basis.

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