What are the four new risk-related diseases about Sex ?

What are the four new risk-related diseases?

As research in the world is progressing and the discovery of new new diseases, and there is no exception to sexually transmitted infections (STI) transmitted into sexually transmitted infections.

We are referring to four bacteria here that can cause severe damage to the health of the people and they transit into sexual activity.

1. Nisseria Menentsite
Niaseria Manangites are also known as 'Manangox'. This bacterial brain and spinal cord may cause infection. But more than that, it is known for environmental infections.

A study conducted in the 1970s shows that the bacterial nose and throat of the bacteria reached its nipples and it became a utorrhal infection.
It is now known that nicaria manzymes bacteria enter into throat or nose in about five to ten percent of the teens.

According to a study, this infection can be associated with a sexual intercourse with a person with oral sex and other sexual acts.

Overall five types of n. Menengite is responsible for worldwide sexual infection.
Two vaccines are designed to fight this bacteria, which can reduce their effects.

2. Micoplasma genitalium
Microoplasma genitalum is one of the world's smallest bacteria, and due to this, sexually transmitted diseases are causing severe concern worldwide.

His identity was identified in the 1980s. At that time, one or two percent of the people were affected by this bacteria, whereas it is seen increasingly spreading rapidly in the young and aged people.
It causes bacterial inflammation in the female reproductive system of bacteria. This may cause respiratory, abortion, childbirth and childbirth before time.

The use of the condoms prevents this infection from being transferred into the partner.

Medical researchers had prevented GM genitalysis, suggest anti-biotech drugs such as Ezgethromousine and Dorsey Cycle.

3. Chellox Physics
He also knows the name of 'Cheglox' in the medical world. It spreads from human wastes directly and indirectly. Due to this infection stomach aches and diarrhea. And thus, this bacteria expands its infection.

Scientists believe S. The philosophy is mainly spread through oral sex and anal sex. The rapid increase in its infections around the world is being seen.
4. Lymphogenoloma vinerum (LGV)
Sexually transmitted this 'dangerous infection' due to unusual stress in the Clemidea trimatets.

Due to LGV infection, non-permanent acne, vomiting may have problems with irritation, and it is also attacked by the bacterial body of the bacterial body.

This can cause infected infections and can cause serious disorders.

For the past decade, LGG is growing rapidly in Europe and North America.

This disease is generally commonly occurring in sexual activity, immortal and gay with both sexes.

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