What is the right time for the first time for sex

What is the right time for the first time for sex?

According to a sexual activity survey, the youngest people in Britain have to lose their virginity due to lower education in the UK.

Boys and girls aged between 13 and 19, and one-third of the young people aged 20 and over, men and a quarter men admitted that he was not "right time" when he first established sex.

In Britain, people must be 16 years of age or older to legally consent to sex.
According to the latest national survey about sexual behavior and lifestyle, most people are not ready for this age.

The Network Survey in every decade gives detailed light on sexual behavior in Britain.

The research was conducted by researchers from the London School of Hagen and Tropical Medicine and has been recently published in BMJ Sciences and Revenue Health. It recorded about 3,000 young respondents who participated in the survey between 2010 and 2012.

These responses show that about 40% of young women and 26% of young men feel that their first sex was not established at the right time. '

When asked deeply, most people had the desire to wait for losing their virginity, while some people thought they should have done so before. '

Most people had secured the age of 18, while half of them did this at the end of the 16th year. However, almost a third had had sex before being 16 years old.

mutual understanding
The survey also observed sexual abilities that a human being takes a well-informed decision to do the first time for sex. For example, were they conscious or in the pressure of friends when they expressed their consent.

Half number of young women while four of ten men fail to scale this scale.

One of the five women and one of the ten men said that for the first time, he and his colleagues were not completely willing to indicate that the pressure involved their pressure in their decision.

Professor Kyle Wellington, a creator of the Network Survey, said that the age-to-date consent does not indicate that the person wanted to be sexually active at this age. 'Every young person is different. Some people are ready at the age of 15, while some are not even ready at the age of 18. '

Co-researcher Dr Malisa Palmer says, "Our research assures the fact that young women face more stress on their partner than to be younger than men."

He said that a goal of sex education in the school is to create the ability to youth in their first sexual experiences safe and positive.

When is the right time?
Ask yourself if you feel you're going to have sex:

Is it right?
Do I love my partner?
Does she love me so much?
Did we talk about condoms and sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV protection, and was the conversation pleasant?
Have we made arrangements for prevention of pregnancy?
Can you change your decision at any point, and will it both be satisfied?
If you answer all of these questions yes, if you are ready, you are not ready for some of these questions:

Am I any pressure even though it's from my friends or my partner?
Can I be back after that?
Am I doing the secret only to impress my friends?
Am I doing the secret only to maintain a relationship with my partner?

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