What a lot of sleep is needed for a healthy life and a full day?

What a lot of sleep is needed for a healthy life and a full day?

Occasionally there is only one hour difference between a successful or failure day. Working an extra hour, doing work, or hours of work can bring a big difference in your life and the way you work.

It is almost all we have done all the time by going to the gym by going to the gym and doing long-term office or lying down on the bed, the episode of the episode, constantly watching its favorite show.

Usually we keep sleeping on time in different ways. However, if you want to be healthy then you have to take time to sleep. Because if you only succeed in sleeping more than one hour, not only will you feel better, but also you will do better and you can do things too well.

But experts have warned that extra hours of sleep is just the beginning. The actual benefits of sleep can be taken by setting the appropriate times and by doing them.

What are the benefits of sleeping?
According to experts, gold and silver have different and unique advantages.

"You will feel better, you will be more motivated, your ideas will be better, better in your team or institution," says Rich Professor of America's John Happen University and a professor of low vision and dreaming medicine. They will be able to perform their duties

He had to say further: 'Your mood will be better and you will have more reasons for giving new ideas and becoming part of it during work. In addition, good sleep also affects your appearance because your low weight will increase due to low sleep, you will be tired and you will also get rings under your eyes.
In 2013, the BBC conducted an experiment with the University of Surrey's Slip Research Center, which revealed that extra hours sleeping people work better during computer tests.
According to research conducted in the US last year, students sleeping eight hours demonstrated a better performance in the examination. While the research conducted in the University of Michigan in October proved that due to low vision, various fields like kitchen and surgery have the ability to work and the ability to work.

Another research proved that the sleeping for less than six hours may slow you up to the next six days.

After observing 40000 people in Sweden for 13 years, research has been published this year, compared to people with higher sleep, mortality rates were higher, especially those in the age of 65 years. Was more

You sleep six hours at night and think that you need the same sleep. But according to experts, it's a big mistake to think like that. Professor Salis says that sometimes old bad habits in people cause many problems related to them.

Most of the headaches due to lower sleep include weight gain, half head pain, and persistent fatigue. In addition to this, sloppy-ipopia or obstructing respiratory breath, and Professor Salis, says, 'Micro slip`-i.e., due to some scandals in the day, eyes are opened, such as closing the brain.

The importance of setting sleep hours
What is excessive hours of sleep or sleeping times, what is better? According to Professor Salis, both things are necessary.

Root Gorgber, Associate Professor of the Psychology in the Macleach University of Montreal, Montreal, McGeil, says that there is no special hour for hours of sleep, but there is a way to use every person to determine the need for the best sleep. can do.
If you're on holiday or do not have any special work on the next day, go without sleeping at a reasonable time and get yourself naturally on the next day. Every hour you have slept, you will have to spend the same sleep every night. You need so many hours for the best sleep.

Professor Gorkhar says, 'Once you've set these hours, stay on it forever.' Do everything according to that, so that you can sleep on time and stay on the occasions you were naturally awaiting.

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