Why are boys born more in the world?

Why are boys born more in the world?

In England and Wales, more boys get more than girls every year. But why?

Since 1838, when the birth record of children was kept, the proportion of boys's birth has been higher than girls.

Since the era of Queen Victoria's Queen's power, no one has come for such a year as the girls are born more.

For example, in England, in the year 2017, 348071 boys and 331035 girls were born, ie, a difference of about 17,000.

And the trend of boys's overthrow has been around for almost 180 years.
This trend is worldwide. In countries such as China and India, there is a greater difference between the ratio of boys and girls because there is priority in the community as well.

More surprisingly, people know that ratio from the 17th century, but we do not know much about the reasons, but there are many estimates for this.

It belongs to evolution!

The first theory to describe the causes of this trend is related to evolution. According to this theory, boys should be more at the time of birth to be equal to men and women in the elderly.

This is because being a male can be a dangerous cause. Most of the steps of men's childhood and later life are more likely to die than girls, due to reasons of accident, suicide, risk and health problems.

If you have more boys at birth time, then this number will become bigger.

Even if the ratio of older people is seen, the number of women in the UK is more than men.

Sperm and timing
What is the success of the boy's birth sperm and the girl's birth spam, there are several factors. This includes parents' age, female development cycle, mental discomfort, food, and sex position.

A common idea is that women should not be more sexually crafted by a few days before the cycle of pregnancy, the feminine sperm, which lives longer for longer, but the men swim in comparison to the sperm, the opportunity is to Men after going to perfume go and finish the woman.
And on the other hand, if secular cycle is done very closely, then the sperm has more chance.

Parents eat these types of methods, but scientists say no evidence has been received for their support.

Some investigations have shown that in case of parent's mental discomfort, chances of girls are more likely to be more and more in the case of life in combat situations.

Survival in childbirth
What can you do if pregnancy does not matter if the scheduling does not matter?

If the number of feminine and male spammers is equal and the number of the convention is almost equal, then it means that more female fatty ends are to increase the proportion of boys' birth.

Some research has shown that female fatty fats are more likely to be lost, while menstrual fatty is more delicate in the last stages of pregnancy, and it is more likely to die at birth.

Scientists have not yet discovered its causes. We just know that excessive fatty pregnancy is complete and that's why more boys are born.

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