What is the connection between daylight and night sleep?

What is the connection between daylight and night sleep?

Sleep and awareness process is one of the main human behavior. We spend about one third of our lives sleeping and can not survive without it.

While sleeping, our mind reminds and works on the information. Our body cleanses and repairs organic matter, which we can work correctly after we wake up.

Even for a very short time, sleeping can affect our health. Most of us do badly because of not sleeping at night and our sleep is affected by sleep without three nights.

Waking up to 17 to 19 hours according to a study, the ability to understand many matters is exactly the same as drinking a drink.

These effects become worst worse than time. The longest time spent without sleep was more than eleven days, resulting in severe psychological changes. Problems like working with full focus and short term memory were also created.

But where Scientists have understood the importance of sleep a while ago, it has sometimes been ignored by the main role of natural light.
Adjust Body Clock
The main reason for light is that it makes our daily routine or our bodyclick-body body clock-by-side specialized sensors in the eyes.

Our eyes detect bright and dark periods in our environment and routine the routine of our body so that your body and daytime are compatible.

Its significance is to estimate that the person's eyes cause serious damage to their bodyclock, which is badly affected by sleeping.
Without the access to light, the human body system removes normally.

There is a clear example of the tremendous light effects of the flight of the plane. Lighting in the new place and new time zone helps light our body according to local time and tells us the right time to sleep.

In the 14th century, most people in the world worked under the open sky and they knew about day-to-day change.

Today, most of us are deprived of these environmental signs because we work inside the buildings. For example, now agriculture and fishing jobs are only one percent in the UK.

We have become a deprived species, which is difference between the quality of our sleep, and as a result, there are lasting effects of health. This amount of light is different in every human being, but we know that our body needs light that is not available to many people working inside the buildings.

One of the most negative effects is the cesecial fracture disorder (SAD), which is a type of mental stress. According to an estimate, two to eight percent European citizens are suffering from it and it is linked to non-supply of sunlight.

And besides this there is a lack of natural light in many places due to problems.

Working in the night
Most of us are not getting natural light and this is particularly a problem for night-duty workers.

They have to work at the time when the bodyclick is prepared for the body to sleep and the cheaper and the ability to work. They really try to sleep in the day, but it is often not a short period or good sleep.

Indeed, when they are sleeping, they work and sleep again when they do not sleep and have negative effects on health, which we are now finding out.
This effectively affects extraordinary emotional reactions and information to properly use the information.

Working in night shift can affect many aspects of health, which can reduce the duration of human life for six years.

97% of the day duty-duty workers are working to work in many ways even though they work for many years.

They fail to change their physical health because their artificial light provided in their office or factory is quite contagious than environmental light, the natural light in a bright day, 250 times compared to office light It's more bright.

When the night working home goes out and comes in natural light, the indicators of the internal system indicate that it is time to wake up.

According to Harvard's study, night-duty employees become completely awake in night due to living in bright light and working naturally off daylight.

Natural light promotion
Those who live in nursing homes often suffer from lack of sunlight.

The light within the four walls is extremely low, due to which the living people can often get less natural light, which means that the bad sleeping complaint is normal.

A Dutch study enhances the amount of light in nursing homes, while trying to keep golden rooms in the dark.

Due to this, efforts were made to reduce sleep during the day and ensure the sleep of sleep, which improved the mental capacity.

Not only the light of the light of the light, but it is also related to light supply at the right time.
Our body clerk gets lazy in light of the light used in the eight, due to which we await the next day. The morning light enhances the body, which causes us to rise quickly.

When humans used to work under the open sky, it was not a problem, because we were facing both the morning and the night.
But today, most of us experience only part of the sunset or sunset cycle. This is especially true about university students who start late late and then spend more time in Syria.

The light used in the night's darkness makes them delayed by their physical clauses, which means they will be awakened late and will sleep late. It causes hormonal changes in adolescents and adults, due to which the bodyclock gets delayed for two hours.

There is a lot of information about the use of smoking, alcohol consumption and non-protective health, but we know less about the importance of sleep and the importance of light.

More research and more information on this issue can help people make their preferences about sleep and use sunlight more. It can also affect the policies made on governments, educational institutions and workplace sites.

Before reducing the bed at night, the use of light, and maximum morning light, are easy ways through which most people can improve their sleep.
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